Food & Drink

A badass DJ saloon in Civic Center

If you can check your email on a plane, run a burgeoning jewelry biz from your home, and enjoy pizza on a bagel, then why do you have to go to a club to hear a DJ? Ensuring you don't, Showdown

An old-man-glasses-rocking Seattle dude and his GF have morphed the Arrow Bar/Matador space into Showdown, a badass "DJ saloon" that -- in lieu of $12 Vodka RedBulls, strobe lights, etc -- features drink specials galore, a well-worn wooden bar that's looked over by classy gilded mirrors, and a dimly lit dancefloor/soundstage in the back that's stylishly wallpaper'd up with prints of canaries (tweet about that!). The genres range from soul, to hip hop, to world music, which can be enjoyed at either Showdown's daily happy hour (from 5-8, with $3 wells and draft beers: Blue Moon, Hunters Point Porter, etc), or at nightly events like Tipsy Tuesdays, when a fiver gets you a Jameson shot and a High Life "grenade", and a tenner gets you ejected when you throw a miniature beer bottle at the bartender. If you're hungry, nearby Show Dogs delivers 'til 10, so order up anything from a Louisiana hot link (with relish/dijon) to a lamb merguez sausage (with fig chutney/arugula), to a corn dog (with popsicle/stick)

Those in the know/who read this email can ask about a secret, menu-less specialty cocktail program that's in the works, which'll feature an apparently delicious concoction called "Il Torre Oscura", the ingredients of which the owner's keeping to himself, much like a tray of bubbling, delicious Three Cheese Bagel Bites.