Food & Drink

Cherry On Top

A few drinks can lower your resistance to almost anything, which is why you're currently wearing a tank-top. Yeah, that's the ticket. For a shop destroying your inhibitions towards buying fancy food, Cherry On Top.The brainchild of an aerospace PhD/Jake's Gastropub owner who yearned for a place to grab an easy glass of wine, a quick snack, and gourmet eats in the Grove, two-level Cherry's: 1) a cozy high-end market downstairs stocked with food items you'll be hard-pressed to find in one place anywhere else, and 2) a wine/beer bar with tables both outside, and in a second floor cafe with 20ft windows that was previously used as a photo studio, that closed due to a lack of demand for "brightroom time". The market carries unique goods like organic olive oils from Spain, Belgium's Leonidas chocolates, jams and preserves (black cherry from France, apricot/white cherry from Armenia), and artisanal US cheeses that usually don't make it this far south, like NY's Old Chatham Shepherd Company's Ewe's Blue -- hey, you'd be bummed too if you were soft, fatty, and covered in mold. The bar's housing off-beat selections as well, with wines by the glass including whites like Riff Pinot Grigio, Honig Sauvignon Blanc, and lesser known pours like Burgans Albariño from Galicia, Spain, plus reds like Napa's Chappellet Cab, Coltibuono Chianti, and a Merlot called Stevenot; there's also a strong eastern European beer contingent, like Svyturys Extra Draught from Lithuania, the Ukraine's Obolon Premium, and a lager from Russia called Zhigulevskoe, which no one's ever tried before, because they get cut off trying to order it.To extend your drinking, they've got cold plates like Basque-style anchovies (alternating salty/vinegary fish with olive oil, bell peppers, and garlic), flights of cheese like the "Taste Of The Blues", ranging from mild to strong, and they'll also be offering Jake's-catered take-home meals, with choices like marinated and roasted 1/2 chickens, and an Indian specialty of goat shoulder stew that's been marinated three times -- or, just enough to get them into a tank top.