Peacock Garden Café

While there's rarely such a thing as an unappealing garden, they really don't make them like they used to way back in the day -- in that first one they were totally nude, son! Grab some dinner in one that's all about eatin', at Peacock Café

Located just a jaunt from the Bay in Coconut Grove, PC's a quiet, charmingly cozy spot serving locally focused eats (from fresh-baked breads to nearby catches) in a meticulously landscaped garden out back set up with vintage iron tables and a smaller interior featuring a robust assortment of antiques including a peacock that faces the bar, where you too'll eventually show your true colors. Gorging kicks off with apps like a Bahamian seafood platter (crispy fish, shrimp, and calamari w/ spicy aioli), before getting bigger as you load yellowfin, skirt steak, or crispy Cornish game hen into salads like Pear & Blue Cheese with frisee, romaine, radicchio, and walnuts, or the tomatoes/ cucumbers/ bell peppers/ onions/ crunchy falafel Greek, which Russell Brand will demand you get him to, even though that dude should probably be drinking protein shakes or something. Bigger fare includes a fish sandwich from the Keys with Jamaican jerk and fresh homemade tartar sauce on a toasted brioche; fresh fish casserole with fennel, vegetables, white wine, and tomato; lasagna w/ veal, lamb, and pork; and baby back ribs they claim are "the tournament champion's recipe", although if Blanka won, you know he already beasted out on them already

Because the Surgeon General secretly wants everyone to be fatter, PC's also filling you with desserts like chocolate brownie a la mode, seasonal berries with their Grand Marnier ice cream, and an apple tart -- order liberally, or expect to be doing some guardin' of your own.