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Golden Ribs

Child prodigies're a crapshoot: for every Tiger Woods still killing it on the golf course, there's a Macaulay Culkin, killing his friends in Party Monster, which you should thank god you never have to see, now the surprise is ruined for you. To taste the fruits of a child BBQ prodigy making good in adulthood, stop by Golden Ribs.A simple counter take-out spot on the western outskirts of Coconut Grove, GR's the first permanent location for a rib man who cooked his way through the South before parking his BBQ truck on Grand Ave for seven years, all using the same sauce he concocted at age 12 -- the same age at which you were concocting reasons for why your showers suddenly got 15 minutes longer. The menu's right at ya, with options like spare ribs in either a 1/4, 1/2 or whole rack, short end spare ribs in the same sizes, BBQ chicken served by the 1/4, 1/2, or full bird, as well as sandwiches made from either BBQ beef, or pulled pork -- a refreshing break from Tallahassee politicos who keep pushing pork. Beyond BBQ, there're chicken wings with a range of sauces (Calvin's Special, hot, lemon pepper, honey, or Cajun), and sandwiches like the Double BLT, the Steak Bomb (Philly cheese with 'shrooms & bacon), and the Meatloaf, which can't make you sing like its namesake, but can give you just as many chins.Golden also rocks 1/2lb burgers smothered in extras like onions, jalapenos, or pepper jack & bacon, and they've even got seafood platters like snapper filets, fried conch, and jumbo shrimp, plus sides like corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, and mac & cheese -- also the name of Macaulay's forthcoming memoir.