A new private club in the Grove

Exclusive clubs say something about their members: being in Mensa means you're wicked smart, and being in Columbia House means you're probably not in Mensa. For a new exclusive drinking operation in the Grove, check the "join" box for Raffles.

A "discreet members club" that's paradoxically open to the public to take applications before they go private, London-originated Raffles' Miami iteration is hidden on the third floor above The Ivy, and's accessed via glass elevator or grand marble staircase; the joint carries over the exclusive UK parlor feel, with ornate Victorian woodwork, shadowy corners, and an onyx bar, from which they will eventually tell non-members "Bacdafucup". The booze menu's beyond vast, with innovative martinis from across the pond like the Honey Velvet (tequila/citrus w/cucumber & honey), Rosemary's Baby (vodka, citrus, elderflower & pear w/ a touch of rosemary), and one with Tanqueray, lychee, and cherry juice called Kwai Me A River, also the hottest track off the most recent Timberlake/Elmer Fudd mixtape. Beyond martini's there're "short drinks" like the Tokyo Diamond (sake, vodka, ginger-infused lime, white grapes) and the Ambrosia (bourbon, fig, pear), plus "long drinks" like the Citrus Fizz (muddled grapefruit, vodka, Limoncello, mint), and one with Havana Club rum, Grand Marnier, ginger, and passion fruit called the Mr. Dunn, which will also describe the drinker if he's sampled the rest first.

Once they go private, memberships'll be available through interview or recommendation, and'll grant access to both the Miami and London clubs. Until then you can scope the joint at the Cool Britannia party on Saturdays, featuring DJ Jason Lorimer spinning Brit house, an expansive collection presumably acquired for just a single penny!!! (Plus purchase of at least one Aimee Mann CD at retail list price for the next 52 weeks).