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Old bar gets a new face

Some places need to go through extremes before settling on comfortable mediums, like Rome fluctuating between republic and monarchy before realizing that togas are basically one-size-fits-all anyway. For a new spot landing comfortably between the extremes of its past: Til-Two Club.Originally opened in '48, T2 has since been everything from the hardcore biker bar Playhouse (a palm trunk out front is still painted with a bulls-eye's where they'd smash the heads of the ejected) to the dainty mani/pedi-peddling Beauty Bar, and is now reopening with a custom made replica of the original sign, and an interior retro'd out with black and whites of its earliest incarnation and a checkerboard floor, though walking in with a friend on your shoulders will not make you king. The cushioned bar's got a full complement of the hard stuff, ~25 bottled brews (from standards to Avery White Rascal), four drafts with at least six more on the way, and two specialty 'tails: "The Cupcake" with whipped cream flavored vodka/whipped cream/OJ, and the vodka/soda/chocolate syrup "Egg Cream Martini" with origins in a 19th century Brooklyn drink that contains neither eggs nor cream, and proves that even back then they were way into irony. When it's time to rock, a metal garage door opens to a massive backroom music venue with a merch booth, floating bar, and stage which'll host upcoming artists like Space Nature, DJ Tony the Tyger, and The Bloody Hollies, who were just The Hollies before DJ Tony decided they weren't so g-r-eat.Happy hour runs nightly from 4-7pm with $3 wells/drafts, and tonight's entertainment includes The Archons, The Rollers, and Red Octopus -- see 'em play, and you can truly claim veni, vidi, ceviche.