Food & Drink

Clanking coconuts together in P-town

No matter your level of expertise, picking the wrong location for a business can land you in debt, bankruptcy, or Oklahoma City's Ford Center. Professionally selecting the right place to serve suds, the Holy Grail Pub

Across from the NYLO Plano hotel, the Grail was jointly founded by an ex-Old Monk/Londoner/AAC Platinum Club manager and his wife, a real estate analyst/consumer demographics wiz who chose the right up-and-coming address and assisted on decor: cedar ceiling beams, dark, L-shaped mirror-backed bar, rear wall obscured by stones, and copious votive candles, all loosely modeled after Galway's famed King's Head Pub -- where the Guinness flows freely, and the website's under "Consruction". The menu's courtesy of Libertine's award-winning ex-chef, and includes gloriousness like herb-spiked fried goat cheese balls, the pork stock-marinated sirloin Holy Grail Burger, "Pork & Beans" (beer-braised short ribs w/ candied jalapenos, piled over Boston-style legumes), and 3-Blend Meat Loaf: sirloin/turkey/sausage on a mashed-potato island -- a Fantasy come true, if only you had a smartly dressed little man to share it with. Getting you Gaelic'd up are six house martinis (Irish Car Bomb?!) and nine wines, but beer's the star: 23 taps (w/ 20 more coming), spread amongst doms (Blue Moon/Brooklyn Brown/Ace Pear), Texans (Live Oak/Fireman's #4/Franconia), and imports including the self-fulfilling Delirium Tremens; 90+ bottles (tons of Belgians -- Chimay, Lindemans, Koningshoeven, Pauwel Kwak, Delirium Nocturnum...); and 14 "table beers" meant for sharing, from Belgium's Malheur Dark Brut to NY's Ommegang Three Philosophers (Beerkegaard, Confused-cius, and Jean-Paul Sorry I Threw Up Just A Little Bit, Get Me A Towel And I'll Clean It Up)

Sunday brunch will start up soon, as will monthly five-course beer dinners -- the consumption of which'll surely bring out the Thunder.