The Hundreds Holiday Collection

The early 90s skate scene inspired so many sophisticated new moves, like "ripping a gnarly shifty revert over that quarter pipe", or "smoking gnarly shifty weed...behind that quarter pipe". It also inspired some smokin' clothes, like The Hundreds

Just dropped at U Street's skate-/streetwear mecca, the centennially-moniker'd apparel company's new line features cold-weather takes on styles of seasons past, as well as a full complement of new t-shirts -- a cruel reminder of the West Coast's lack of both seasons, and the need to wear real clothes to work. Lighter designs include button-ups like the 100% wool, snap-button "Demond", and the similarly plaid "Manhattan" with diagonally offset pocket panels; plus tee's like the "Adam Half Tone" (Hundreds' cartoon bomb mascot given a textured, "Lichtenstein-esque pop art feel"), the "Collage" (where he's spliced and jumbled, sliding-puzzle style), and a gruesome splattering of screaming zombie craniums dubbed "Headz", satisfying your bloodlust and unceasing desire to replace "s" with "z". They're also bringing you Snuggie-level heat with zip-ups like the blue & white striped "Wonka" and the red or black "Lowball", with dual front cargo-style waist pockets below sneaky, hidden chest compartments; and jackets like the super-weighty flannel "Solid", the duck down-fill, puffy "Fargo", and the zip-up, chenille chest-patched "Yeti", armed with a hood for pretending you don't exist either.

To keep your headz toasty, they've got scarves like the solid color, ribbed "Pleasure Scarf" (zing) and the logo'd "Class Scarf"; as well as beanies like the purple, logo'd "Text", and the "Adam": pom-pom topped, and familiarly bombed, just like you used to get when you said you were "out skateboarding".