Snaker Nation

Reptile skin fashion has long been the exclusive domain of boomerang-toting Aussie bounty hunters and handbag-toting trophy wives. Finally, there's a way for you to get in on this fearsome look: snakeskin sneakers.These slithery kicks are available online from Commonwealth, a Norfolk-based clothing outlet founded by two local scenesters to service Virginia's burgeoning artiste/hip-hop scene ("757 say hoodiee-hoo..."). Soon after opening in 2004, the owners took musical impresario (and high school classmate) Pharrell Williams on as co-owner, and have carved out a space as leaders in cutting-edge urban fashion and opportunistic partnering.Here're the latest snakes:Adidas Americanas:These classic 70s throwbacks feature premium nubuck fittings, perforated leather interiors, and come in low shelltoes and mid-level hightops. The Mids feature white stripes and shimmery blue snakeskin exteriors so lustrous you'll want to lick them. The Lowboys sport red/blue Ad-stripes, but are primarily covered in whitesnake -- like your own personal Tawny Kitaens.Cre8tive Recreation:Orange County-based CR is a preeminent maker of flossy, office-friendly lowtop shoe-kers. Their snakey models are the mobster-goes-bowling "Capones" and the super-sharp "Military": a skate shoe camo'd in a black-and-green pattern that'll blend perfectly into shrubbery, protecting your feet from hunting owls hellbent on plucking off your toes.And Commonwealth doesn't only feature sneakers: they're a one-stop shop of designer wallets, tees, hoodies, and jeans, for urban creatives and Neptunes impersonators alike. But most importantly, thanks to CW, you can finally wear dead snake and not be confused for a deranged Paul Hogan -- or worse, a deranged Paul Hogan's wife.