The Element Grill

When a luxury brand decides to make a product with the common man in mind, it doesn't always deliver the same cache that common man looked up to it for, e.g., the Mercedes C(heap) Class, or any Baldwin not named Alec Baldwin. Bucking that trend, the Element Grill by Fuego.

Straight out of SF, the gas-powered Element's a sleek, vertically compact grill that boasts the same aesthetics and functionality that put high-end outdoor product crafters Fuego on the map, at a fraction of the price of their other stuff, but not one of those uppity compound fractions. The sweetness centers around a patent-pending, 24,000 BTU dual-zone burning system under a cast iron grate for both open-faced grilling and cooking over indirect heat, easily controlled by one ignition dial and further customizable with add-ons like a roasting lid w/ temperature gauges, a griddle plate, and a "pizza stone", super handy for when Dick Vitale comes over demanding delivery quality 'za, baby. There's also a slide-out-able chestnut tray for food-prepping/beer-resting, large wheels w/ locking casters, and a sweet stainless steel chamber, which conceals your unsightly propane tank for the benefit of all your friends and family who flew in from all over to be with you on this special day yourself.

To celebrate their launch, Fuego's running a contest: upload a photo of your current sorry-ass bbq, patio, or whatever best communicates why you need a new grill. Site visitors'll vote on submissions and the top three each get a free Element...and the winners are Billy, Danny, and Steven!