PBR Art Contest Viewing Party

Artistic inspiration takes countless forms, from Da Vinci's fascination with science and religion, to the voluptuous beauties captured by Peter Paul Rubens' strokes, not to be confused with those of regular Paul Reubens. For art drawing on the most hallowed inspiration of all -- slightly skunky hops and barley -- hit T-Mom's tonight for the PBR Art Contest Viewing Party

Discouraged by the fact that Philly's been criminally under-repped in PBR's yearly national art contests (in which contestants create works relating to...PBR!), a cadre of local Pabst aficionados/art toleraters have organized a shindig for 215 artists and everymen to enter this year's national competition, using beer and PBR swag as bait, much like a box-and-stick trap set for people who wear skinny pants. The bash kicks off at 8pm with free grub from T-Mom's kitchen and Pabst pounders for a buck till 11:30, which you'll delicately sip while perusing art in categories including 2D, 3D, and photography/digital media; past national submissions've have included a wintry scene with a snowman made of cans, the "Last Supper" with Pabst cans/kegs littering the table and foreground, and a painting of two PBR tallboys boarding Noah's Ark -- good luck repopulating the earth, guys! Because no January celebration in Philly's complete without choreographed strutting in garish costumes, the Space 1026-connected Vaudevillains Brigade'll be in the house, recreating their Philly Phood Phantasia display of Mummery, while artisans'll be hawking PBR-themed creations like belt buckles, silk screens, and blankets, and a corner "Confessional Booth" will let you divulge your deepest, darkest PBR-related secrets -- and you thought you couldn't tell anybody about the time you drank PBR in a bauxite mine

Tunes'll be provided by six local DJ crews, from the hip-hop/funk/soul tag team antics of Lexx & Argo, to metal mayhem by DJ Greg of Hessian Aggression, to Dave P, the grandaddy of Making Time, which is exactly what Pee Wee was doing with himself in that movie theater.