Where the Clotheshorses Roam

Sifting the internet for clothing sales is a maddening process you inexorably give up on to browse girl-on-beast up-skirts. Eliminate the guesswork with California-based designer clearinghouse, CoolestShop.com. What CS lacks in domain name creativity, they more than make up for in variety and unending frequency of clothing sales. Markdowns range from 30-70% off on button-downs, tees, pants, sneakers, sunglasses, blazers, hoodies, shorts, and belts (sorry lederhosen aficionados). They discount brands you've heard of (Puma, Penguin, Adidas) and ones you probably haven't (One True Saxon, Meltin' Pot) unless you're a Japanese skateboarder, or an aspiring Saxon. There's also a wide assortment of replica vintage concert t-shirts -- for those who refuse to embrace label whoredom, but don't mind being slavish groupies.To ensure security, all orders go through Yahoo stores -- and shipping is free on any purchase over $50. With online shopping this hassle-free, you'll have plenty of time to surf for things that actually bring you joy -- like videos of savage Latina catfights.