The Local Craft Food & Drink

People will often go to great lengths just for a good beer, although Ron Jeremy has been known to occasionally drink them flaccid, too. For a laid-back joint from guys fed up with having to leave town just to get one, hit up The Local Craft Food & Drink.

From two 305 dudes who seriously used to hop Spirit Airlines to DC to grab craft beers on weekends because it was more affordable/ laid back than a night out in Miami, Local's a brick-lined mini-gastropub filled with scavenged stuff from all over the city, like a red booth from Waxy O'Connors, '40s photographs of Coral Gables liquor stores & hog-riding cops, plus a huge vintage wood bar from now-closed Michael Collins, which is a pretty revolutionary move. Chef Alberto Cabrera (who's done stints at STK, Karu, and Y) is spearheading step-up eats including starters like jerky in a jar (grass-fed beef w/ soy and Thai chiles), Palmetto Farms pork samplers (bellies & ribs, plus pickled peaches, baby fennel, and peanut brittle), curd-coated tater tots with oxtail gravy, and squid ink meatballs made w/ Rice Krispies, although after all this food, the popping and snapping you hear will be your belt. The aforementioned bar's overflowing with 30-40 bottled brews plus 24 micro-heavy taps including Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA, Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale, and Hobgoblin Dark English Ale, with rare kegs rotating in thanks to the owners' suds connections, such as a rum-barrel porter currently aging in Tampa, along with the bulk of its residents.

For this week, Local's just open for dinner, but will eventually do lunch too, and the owners are working with a pastry chef to create a dessert menu as well as ironing out weekly happy hours, which Ron can provide even if he hasn't been drinking.