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Taqueria Mexicana Orale

One's ride does not necessarily dictate one's pimpness: plenty of Hollywood celebs push Priuses, and even a rusty old Civic couldn't corrupt Jeff Van Gundy's Alonzo-hugging flyness. For an unassuming little truck dishing pimp-level deliciousness, try Taqueria Mexicana Orale.Run by two brothers-in-law from Oaxaca, and pickup-ed to two different spots throughout the week, Orale's a taco cart that despite its crumbling exterior, vends a unique Miami delicacy: Mexican so authentic you'll barely recognize it, as you grew up on Ortega, not in Oaxaca. Pushing offerings beyond run-of-the-mill tacodom are unexpectedly gourmet fillings like Al Pastor (pork marinaded in pineapple juice and fresh garlic) and Barbacoa de Borrega (lamb prepped w/ mild guajillo chili, black pepper, cumin, and cloves), and also adventurous items like Lengua de Res (cow's tongue), Tripa de Res (tripe), and sauteed pork rind -- what's next, truffled Cheetos? More-familiar choices include chorizo, pork, carne asada, chicken (prepped w/ cumin, oregano, garlic, and white wine vinegar), and a traditional Mexican taco filling off the breastbone of the cow and noted for smooth texture, called Suadero, which Rico Suave eats 500 of every day.Orale also sells a rainbow of Jarritos (pineapple, mango, tamarind...), and you can rent out the cart's services for parties -- just keep your fiesta under control, or like a stoic Old West lawman, Van Gundy'll be forced to desperately cling to peoples' ankles.