London's first real taste of a food truck

The American entrepreneurial spirit has always been keen on mobility, as with the iPod, with which one might wander the world accompanied by one's favourite songs, or the iPhone, with which one might wander the world unaccompanied by one's iPod. Getting in on America's latest mobile craze, Street Kitchen.

Run by a chef duo inspired by the US's burgeoning fleets of roving gourmet food trucks, Street vends carefully-sourced British food -- in fully biodegradable packaging -- from a retrofitted Airstream trailer, from which the trash has fortunately also disappeared. The tight, seasonal menu will sling a trio of large dishes, including braised Laverstoke Park feather blade of beef (w/ roast carrots & parsnip puree), whiskey-barrel-chip smoked Scottish salmon fillets (w/ beetroot, horseradish, crushed 'tats), and a roast squash salad with watercress and Old Winchester -- overindulge, and it's a shot to the heart for which you're entirely to blame. Rounding out the menu are Jerusalem artichoke soup w/ homemade brioche, cheesecake w/ blackberries & shortbread, and bevs like organic Freedom beer, very difficult to drink while an executioner is spitefully ripping out your entrails.

The trailer's scheduled to swing through Covent Garden starting Monday, then head to Shoreditch ten days later. Like its American cousins, you can keep up with its movements via Twitter, an American-made service often used by people who wander through life unaccompanied.