San Francisco Crimespotting

Have you ever looked through the broken window of your car at your missing stereo and wondered, "Would this have been less likely to happen between the hours of 6:35 and 7:15 on a Tuesday? Well, what if it fell during Hanukkah?" Answering those and many other questions, with San Francisco Crimespotting.

Gmap fun takes a turn for the sinister with SF Crimespotting, the all-Frisco offshoot of Oakland Crimespotting that flows police crime data into a super-slick/easy to manipulate mapping interface, built to equip the citizenry with unprecedented knowledge on how local crimes trend (hint: they're super hawt right now!). The site's built around an SF Gmap, malignantly populated by color-coded buds representing locales of assault, narcotics busts, murder, etc, and an accompanying interactive legend that tells you what's what, and'll automatically make the map reflect only specific malfeasance types you check off -- for example, click prostitution and you're one step closer to knowing where the hot working boy-girls hang out when Divas is closed. But Crimespotting's real magic lies in its time manipulators, which include a calendar with sliders for viewing transgressions over periods of weeks, months, or days, and a 24-hour clock that displays crime either by hour or by broad timeframes like "commute" or "nightlife" -- note: a stipulation that'll probably get pretty confusing if you work at Divas.

Soon SF Crimespotting'll be able to let you know when arrests're made in your area with email alerts and custom RSS feeds, ensuring a much improved response time for your alter-ego Bat Mensch.

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