Truly monitoring the Web requires nearly superhuman commitment -- spend too much time on StuffWhitePeopleLike, and you might miss out on StuffHonduransLike. Rest easy, the info's coming to you, from Trackle

Out of a megalopolis called Sunnyvale, Trackle's a beta service that automatically tracks and notifies you of the web action you crave, like site updates, product price drops, airfare discounts, Craigslist postings, sports scores, shifts in valued entities (stocks, real estate, etc), and online discussion of certain words/concepts you care about (i.e., your name, you vainglorious bastard). The whole operation's powered by "Tracklets"; for each one, follow instructions to input key words, $ ranges, or site urls, then get tracked results delivered to you via email, SMS, or just dropped into your Trackle inbox when something's percolating -- in case Trackle's weaned you off crazed refreshing, except when it comes to Trackle's inbox. Some finer applications include weather alerts (get pinged when it's snowing in Tahoe), its Craigslist utility (know when somebody's selling the exact futon you want at your asking price), and crime alerts, e.g., for when a sex offender moves into your hood/top bunk

To clue you into stuff you didn't even know you cared about, Trackle's got a ticker of random alerts others are getting, and a list of popular Tracklets -- activate them all and you'll be one step closer to your lucrative dream, StuffAllPeopleLike.