Parental favoritism can lead to lifelong issues, like feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection, and the creeping suspicion that "substitute" actually isn't the most important position during family-picnic football games. Refusing to play favorites as they stuff your hungry face, the parents behind Kora.

Following the closure of a restaurant named for the owners' oldest daughter (Farah Olivia), Kora's named for their youngest: a lofty ceiling'd, generously windowed Italian dining room featuring a long, brilliantly illuminated bar, plush gray booths, and an old-style brick oven, all set beneath a massive painting of the 3-year-old namesake -- done up in Warhol Monroe-portrait style, though the child only marginally resembles a can of soup. Fare includes classic pizzas like funghi & margherita, meatier action like "Flat Iron All'Ortolana" & Italian sausage-stuffed quail, and pastas like lobster ravioli & homemade "Lasagna Fatta Casa", sure to leave you with a fatta ass...urance that you got your money's worth. Because it's never too early for heavy Italian, lunch & brunch includes entrees like sauteed veal scallopini, paninis like the Ital-sausage Salsiccia and the meatballed Purpetti, and the Angus chuck/focaccia Kora Burger, as conspicuous in a sea of Italians as DeNiro would've been in Goodfellas, had anyone actually believed he was Irish.

For swill, there's pan-Italian wines, taps pouring Peroni, Amstel, Flying Dog, and Brooklyn Lager, and dainty cocktails like the Campari/Dubonnet Red/prosecco "ChamPino" and the maraschino/Frangelico/creme de cacao/shaved chocolate/grenadine "Chocolate Covered Cherry" -- a little redundant if, due to inadequacy/intimacy issues, you've never lost your own.