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10 Drink-Related Tattoos You Wish You Had

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When it comes to cocktail culture, some people have a special kind of dedication. Whether they’re career bartenders or civilian tipplers, if they’ve got a gleaming barspoon tattooed on their forearm or an Art Deco shaker on their calf, they’ve made a permanent investment in barroom lore.

Of course, some investments are better than others. We combed hundreds of examples and found 10 that truly stood out from the pack. Ranging from whiskey and gin to tiki, beer, and barware, they highlight the skill of the artists that created them as much as their owners’ deep appreciation of a quality drink.

Take a look, you may just find inspiration for your next ink session.

Translation: “Love, Live, and Drink.” Checks all the boxes.


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A vintage shaker and frame to celebrate the Golden Age of gin cocktails


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One well-stocked (and executed) forearm

Tiki is dead. Long live Tiki!


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A partly finished—yet fully rad—bartender sleeve

You’ve heard of a story within a story; here’s a tattooed person on a tattooed person


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Bartenders are always on the… clock


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This will get you through the grey days of winter


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Modernist Martini?


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This is just one tattoo, but at the bar, it’s two drinks. Budget accordingly.


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