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9 Ways Drinking Changes When You Get into a Relationship

A lot changes when you go from being single to being in a relationship. Suddenly, “I” turns into “we.” “We really like Game of Thrones.” “We think the books are better than the show.” “We are writing letters to George R.R. Martin demanding he release a new novel ASAP.” Not only do you lose your singular identity, you also start going to bed at 11 p.m., stop eating popcorn for dinner—and, most importantly, your drinking habits change. Here, all the ways having a better half affects your boozy side.

No More Drinking a Whole Bottle of Wine By Yourself

In your single days, you could laze on the couch and go through a whole bottle of Cabernet over the course of an evening in, funneling it from bottle to glass to mouth until every drop was gone. Now, there’s someone next to you on that couch—and they want some wine, too. You could just each get your own bottle, but then you’d be that extremely weird, sad couple. So instead, you’re forced to appreciate only a half a bottle of wine.

Boozy Brunch Is (Slightly) Less Boozy

Now that you’re a couple, you have stuff to do on Sunday. You have to buy groceries and make Sunday dinner together. You have to visit both friend groups and go for quaint strolls through the park. You have to walk the dog you (somewhat rashly) decided to adopt together. That doesn’t mean you can’t start the day with a Mimosa or three, but now there’s a clear bottom to those bottomless Mimosas.

Your Favorite Bar Is the One in Your Home

As a lone wolf, you were a regular at multiple local watering holes, popping into your go-to cocktail lounge for a nightcap on Tuesdays and starting out every Friday night rage with a Boilermaker at your favorite dive. Now that you’re spoken for, though, you’re content to mix up Manhattans and pour your own pints at your own home bar. There’s free booze, a fridge full of snacks, the show you want to watch on the TV, and everyone—even the dog—knows your name.

You Actually Make Cocktails at Home

Oh right, you actually have a home bar now, and now that you’re in a relationship, you’re actually making use of it. On your own, you weren’t about to put in the effort of muddling up a Mojito or crushing ice for a Mai Tai. A glass of wine or a two-ingredient drink like a Gin & Tonic was fine when it was just you. But now that you’re in a duo, you’re all about whipping out the Lewis bag and juicing fresh limes.

Hangovers Are Harder

When you were alone, you could sleep in as long as you wanted. You could roll out of bed at 2 p.m. and not say anything to anyone—save for a mumbled “thank you” to the Domino’s delivery guy. But now there’s someone waking up next to you at 9 a.m. and they want to do something. Chug some water, strap on your sunglasses, and get ready for your long, full day of couple’s “fun” time.

Although Sometimes Hangovers Are Easier

If you both wake up on the wrong side of a shot of whiskey, you have each other to lean on—both literally and figuratively. You can roll yourselves to the couch or the living room rug and commiserate over your pounding heads. Misery loves nothing more than company—except for maybe an extra order of breadsticks with your large pizza. There are two of you after all.

No More Flirting with the Bartender for Free Drinks

You had it down to an art—no one will ever deny your flirting expertise. But those days are over. You have to pay full price for your drink now—or maybe just turn your doe eyes onto your actual significant other and they’ll pick up the tab. Still got it.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Did a Shot

You don’t need to drum up any confidence to chat someone up anymore, and you’re out with your shot-pushing crew much, much less. And, as much as you try to convince them, your S.O. refuses to end your dinner dates with a palate-cleansing Pickleback.

You Can Finally Order That Scorpion Bowl You’ve Always Wanted

Your friends were never interested in splitting a bowlful of booze with you, but your perma-date has no choice in the matter. You can finally lean in, Lady and the Tramp-style, and sip eye-to-eye from a flaming, tropical concoction. Awww. Now that’s true love.