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Relive Your Glory Days With This 90s-Themed Bar Crawl

90s Bar Crawl

The 90s are having a moment. The Full House remake lights up TV screens. Saved by the Bell pop-up bars are cashing in on the love for Bayside High. Even Capri Suns are getting a boozy upgrade. Nothing, however, embodies the 90s in all the right ways like this official 90s Bar Crawl.

“Now, this is a story all about how, the bar crawl industry got flipped, turned upside-down,” the 90s Bar Crawl website reads. A truer statement was never written. In cities around the country, people in 90s costumes are embarking on bar crawls that feature drink specials, 90s music and color-changing cups. It really is All That.

“There is just something perfect about the timing for a 90s resurgence that’s happening across the country right now,” Grace Wahlbrink, the CEO of 90s Bar Crawl, tells Supercall. “The kids who grew up in the 90s are [of] drinking age and very nostalgic about the music, the shows and that time in their lives.”

Plus, where else are you going to dress up like a life-sized Furby, one of the characters from Mario Kart or the most famous football head of all time?

The idea for the bar crawl started in 2015 when Wahlbrink and her friends were at a D.C. watering hole that was hosting a 90s night. They realized that 90s-themed drinking was bigger than a single bar—it’s an experience the whole country would enjoy. Two years later, after events in more than 80 cities, that realization proved true. Today, the company has a constantly growing calendar of events and a fanbase bigger than all your AIM accounts combined.

Each city brings a different experience and vibe. Wahlbrink says bars are chosen based on the distance from each other and if they’re “as excited about the theme” as they are. “It’s always a great time when the participating bars have their staff dress up, they have great themed drink specials on deck, and they’ve got an amazing local DJ or band that takes the experience up a notch…or three,” Wahlbrink says.

Tickets start at $20 for presale and increase in price to $40 the day of the bar crawl. The events currently scheduled for 2018 are in Charlotte, Fort Worth, Kansas City, New York City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Reno. More events are being added faster than you can sing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, so check the website for current listings.