The Most Ridiculous Scenes of People Tripping on Absinthe


By now, most of us know that absinthe doesn’t cause hallucinations. (If you still believe that drinking the green fairy will make you see and hear crazy things, this is us busting the myth once and for all.) Even so, pop culture will always feed off the notion that absinthe is a hallucinogen simply because it makes for great entertainment. We rounded up some of the most ridiculous scenes from movies and television that portray characters inaccurately tripping on absinthe. Have a good laugh—and remember that it’s all pretend.

Maybe don’t drink a glowing neon liquid. (EuroTrip)

Absinthe-fueled dreams are crazy… (Bob’s Burgers)

...and sometimes downright creepy. (From Hell)

Weeeeeeeeeeee! (Get Him to the Greek)

“The hills are alive, with the sound of music...” (Moulin Rouge)

“I think my bowtie is trying to strangulate me!” (Late Night Liars)

Look, ma! I’m floating… (How I Met Your Mother)

...all the way up to the club’s rafters. (Girls Trip)