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The 12 Coolest Sippy Cups for Grownups

Sippy cups don’t factor into most people’s drinking routine past age 4. But we think this age cutoff is shortsighted: Plenty of adults can benefit from spill-proof drinking vessels too, especially the particularly klutzy drinkers among us who spill every drink they come in contact with.

Thankfully, you can still drink out of sippy cups as an adult without being judged too hard—you just have to invest in a grownup version (preferably one that doesn’t include a recommendation for “ages 1 to 3”). Here, the 12 coolest, spill-proof sippy cups for klutzy adults—and anyone who likes to drink on the go.

Sip without sacrificing proper glass shape.

Brew2Go Beer Sippy Cup, $13

Mommy needs a special sippy cup too…

Mommy’s Sippy Cup, $13 

Give every drink some unicorn flare.

LED Light-Up Sipper Cup, $12

This Solo cup prevents Jungle Juice from spilling all of over your outfit.

Party Time Red Party Cup Sippy Cup, $7

Sure, these are called “milk bottles”—but we know that means cocktails.


Chevron Sippy Milk Bottles, $12

Finally, a Martini glass that won’t spill everywhere.

LipLidz Martini Glass, $35 for set of 4

These quirky sippy cups with crazy straws were made for Instagram.


Cactus Sipper Cup, $10

The perfect cup for when you’re bed-ridden with a hangover.


Hangover Sippy Cup, $15

Only sip the classiest tiki cocktails from this luxe gold pineapple sippy cup.