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What to Drink According to Your Favorite Animaniacs Character

Published On 02/21/2018 Published On 02/21/2018
Yakko: Youtube/1989rickman Americano: Supercall
Wakko: Youtube/Bill Selak Whiskey Smash: Supercall
Dot: Youtube/Leo Ramos Banana Daiquiri: Supercall
Pinky: Youtube/Swalka1991 9 Mind Eraser: Supercall
Brain: Youtube/Swalka1991 Twentieth Century: Supercall
Chicken Boo: Youtube/GSLChar Aznable White Negroni: Supercall
Goodfeathers: Youtube/lilcoffeebandit Aperol Spritz: Sueprcall
The Mime: Youtube/AnimaniacsADay Test Pilot: Supercall
Colin: Youtube/Nan B Seelbach: Supercall
Rita and Runt: Youtube/Yama Neko Florodora: Supercall
Slappy Squirrel and Skippy Squirrel: Youtube/Iratu Sama Pink Squirrel: Supercall
Hello Nurse: Youtube/thepoohsmurfking3d Woo Woo: Supercall