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What to Drink According to Your Favorite Animaniacs Character

It’s time for Animaniacs … again! The celebrated ‘90s cartoon—that taught children about Orson Welles without them ever even knowing it—is coming back, with new episodes set to air on Hulu in 2020. That’s a long time to wait, so make it more bearable with a cocktail in hand. Here, what to drink according to your favorite zany to the max Animaniacs character.

Yakko: Americano

The oldest Warner sibling, Yakko is the adult of the group—as much as a goofy, shirtless, cartoon dog(?) can be an adult. While he certainly engages in tormenting others alongside his siblings, Yakko is diplomatic, level-headed and always ready with a snappy comeback. You can’t be so quick witted if you’re downing full-strength drink after full-strength drink, so if you want to be like Yakko, stick to long, tall, low-ABV drinks like the Americano or, if you want to honor Yakko’s masterful grasp of Japanese, a Japanese Highball.

Wakko: Whiskey Smash

The middle Warner sibling has an insatiable appetite, a Liverpudlian accent and a wooden mallet that’s always ready to smash. Use your own mallet (aka a muddler) to (gently) smash up a Whiskey Smash in honor of the wackiest Warner. Just be careful of how many you drink—especially if you have the same level of bladder control as Wakko.

Dot: Banana Daiquiri

Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third (or Dot, for short) is the youngest and cutest of the the Warner siblings. But cute as she may be, you don’t want to get on her bad side. The Banana Daiquiri is equally innocent looking—but also equally dangerous should you dare assume it isn’t strong as heck.

Pinky: Mind Eraser

“What do you want to do tonight, Brain?” “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—drink cocktails.” If you’re a fan of the empty-headed Pinky then you should get down to his level with a Mind Eraser. Narf!

Brain: Twentieth Century

The big-headed, jowly Brain has only one goal in life: to take over the world. Night after night, he leaves his cage with Pinky in tow, attempting to dominate the globe through some hairbrained scheme. You have to admire his dedication, but he should have set his sights on something more attainable, like making a really great train. The Twentieth Century cocktail was named after the 20th Century Limited, which was known as “The Most Famous Train in the World.” If Brain had the chance, we bet he’d try to commandeer the speedy passenger train and all the aperitifs on board.

Chicken Boo: White Negroni

Chicken Boo is a giant chicken who is a master of disguise. Though he doesn’t speak, his minimalist costumes (often consisting solely of a mustache or hat) never fail to fool almost everyone in the room. Eventually, though, he is always found out. The White Negroni is a Negroni masquerading as a glass of lemon water, but one sip betrays it as a delicious, bittersweet cocktail.

Goodfeathers (Squit, Bobby and Pesto): Aperol Spritz

Bobby, Squit and Pesto (aka the Goodfeathers) live atop a statue of Martin Scorsese in New York City and embody characters from movies that were entirely unsuitable to the Animaniacs’ main demographic, such as Goodfellas and The Godfather. Pay homage to the trio’s presumed heritage with the ultimate Italian aperitivo: the Aperol Spritz.

The Mime: Test Pilot

The Mime starred in the short but effective recurring Mime Time segments, in which the smiling Mime would follow the narrator’s instructions and then wind up getting pummeled by something like a falling anvil or swarm of bees. He could certainly use a strong drink like a Test Pilot after any of his painful exploits.

Randy Beaman and Colin: Seelbach

Colin always has a story about his pal Randy Beaman. One time Randy’s cat ate a piranha, which lived in the cat forever, turning the cat into “Piranha Cat’” Another time Randy’s brother ate Pop Rocks and drank soda and then his head exploded. Yet another time Randy’s uncle blew his nose so hard his brains came out. Though not quite as graphic as Colin’s stories, the tale of the Seelbach cocktail’s origins also turned out to be a lie. At least its author came clean. K, bye.

Rita and Runt: Florodora

If you love Rita, the feisty, spotlight-stealing cat voiced by Bernadette Peters, and Runt, her not-so-bright canine pal, then chances are you also love musicals. Named for the 1900 musical Florodora, which was famous for its chorus line of “Florodora Girls,” this cocktail is as bright and spicy as Rita and will make you as happy-go-lucky as Runt.

Slappy Squirrel and Skippy Squirrel: Pink Squirrel

We won’t try and be deep about this pairing. If you like the grumpy Slappy Squirrel and her hyperactive companion Skippy Squirrel, then you should try a Pink Squirrel. It’s as chipper as Skippy and as old school as Slappy.

Hello Nurse: Woo Woo

Helloooooo, nurse! We’re not sure if this somewhat un-PC character will return for the 2020 reboot, but if the buxom professional makes an appearance, be sure to toast her with an equally outdated (but still tasty) Woo Woo.