15 Hangover Cures From Celebrity Chefs

Professional chefs are often seasoned imbibers. So it makes sense that over the years they’ve developed their own foolproof ways of beating back that morning malady, the hangover. From a little hair of the dog to greasy food to good old fashioned exercise, here are 15 hangover cures celebrity chefs swear by.


Anthony Bourdain

“Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food—works every time.” — TMZ

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Gordon Ramsay

“I’ll get a cab home, safe in the knowledge that my wife Tana will have brought in all the ingredients for a kedgeree to fend off the next morning’s hangover. It’s the best, as the slight stodginess soaks up any remaining Southern Comfort. It’s not a 100 percent cure, but then we’re supposed to suffer a little, aren’t we?” — Mirror

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Mario Batali

“Basically if you get up and you exercise hard for 45 minutes and then shoot a beer, it’s gone. But you have to sweat out. Keep in mind, a hangover is the poison lying in dehydrated areas. You need to pump it out. You just can’t stand next to an open flame when you do it.” — People

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Jamie Oliver

“A Bloody Mary with smoked jalapeño vodka. We smoke jalapeños for like four hours and then we steep them in vodka for four hours, then just pass it through muslin and that’s what you get—kickass spicy smoked vodka. Go in with some good quality tomato juice, two pinches of celery salt, two pinches of black pepper, two teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce, and two teaspoons of good Texan style barbecue sauce. [Garnish with] smoked, really good, thick streaky bacon and a pickle. Add the last bit of chili powder just to get your cockles going. It is badass.” — MyHarto YouTube Channel  

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Wolfgang Puck

“The best thing is sleep and to me, it’s a double espresso—that’s really how I start my day.” — The Daily Meal

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Curtis Stone

“Truthfully, the only way to feel better from a hangover is to drink more alcohol.” — POPSUGAR

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Giada De Laurentiis

“My hangover remedy is pasta alla carbonara. Lots of bacon, lots of egg, lots of parmesan cheese and tons of pasta.” — Eater

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Bobby Flay

“Brunch is actually the perfect remedy. Fried chicken on a buttermilk biscuit with an egg and all kinds of stuff….a bourbon ice tea is a really great way to start brunch.” — The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Gail Simmons

“Fried eggs, really buttery fried eggs, on toast with some cheese and some hot sauce and a slice of bacon and maybe some avocado.” — The Daily Meal

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Richard Blais

“Running long distance, then eating french fries.” — POPSUGAR

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Michael Symon

“A very greasy burger with salami and ham on it, served on a hoagie bun...and I’d get like a gallon of green Gatorade and go on home.” — The Chew

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Hugh Acheson

“One quart of water with Emergen-C, two Advil, coffee (not too much), a shave, a shower and some stylish garb is the best way to get moving after too many adult beverages.” — Food Network

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Tyler Florence

“A green juice of kale, spinach and green apple.” — POPSUGAR


Duff Goldman

“Eggs Benedict would be perfect. Lot of fat, lot of carbs, it really gets in your body and you get all that protein and you get all those calories and you feel better - The Daily Meal

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Guy Fieri

While Fieri hasn’t gone on record with his personal favorite hangover cure, we can only assume it’s the Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary, a 52-ounce monster—that’s about half a gallon—served at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Grill. The choose-your-own-adventure drink comes with your choice of vodka or tequila, a protein (candied bacon, pepperoni, chicken apple sausage or shrimp) and five garnishes, which include everything from jalapeños to pineapple to oranges. If you can survive it, it will definitely kill your hangover.