Why Aquarius People Make the Best Drinking Buddies

Mark Yocca/Supercall

Not every friend is the perfect drinking buddy; some are Debbie Downers who complain more and more about their lives with every glass of wine. Some are too wild and don’t consider a night out successful unless three tequila shots are downed in the first hour. To find the best drinking buddy within your squad, you need only look to the stars. Those born under the air sign Aquarius have natural qualities that make them ideal drinking companions. So if you know someone who was born between January 20 and February 18, here are five reasons to ask them to the bar this weekend.

They Are Great at Deciding Where to Go

It’s Friday night, your friends are looking to go out, and the group chat is flooded with unhelpful texts: “Where should we go?” “IDK” “How about the usual? “Nahhh.” Enter Aquarius to save the day and make a definitive decision. They have strong opinions, are usually uncompromising and they hate chaos. Plus, knowledgeable Aquarians are up on all of the iconic establishments in the area, and they’re always reading about the hot new spots. You know whatever bar they choose will be fantastic, and they’ll save everyone else the headache.

They’re Always Down to Try Something New

Aquarians always need mental stimulation, so they get bored easily. While an Aquarius may not be the most reliable local dive bar buddy, you should call on them if you want to try a new boozy activity—like a spirits tasting, wine and painting class, or even homebrewing. As long as it’s new and there’s an opportunity to learn something, Aquarians are in.

They Are the Best Trivia Partners

Don’t expect an Aquarius to throw down at beer pong or Flip Cup. Far from aggressive or physical, Aquarians would much rather challenge you to a battle of wits. That makes them the perfect partner for bar trivia. They’ve amassed as much knowledge as they can in as many categories as possible, so you know they’ll have the basics covered, as well as some random trivia items up their sleeves. Take them to bar trivia when there’s a legit prize on the table; then when you win, be sure to buy them a drink.

They Have the Deepest Drinking Conversations

Never bring up the weather while you’re out drinking with Aquarians; they’ll roll their eyes at your shallow conversation abilities. Instead, Aquarians love intense, deep conversations that cover everything from moral philosophy to the meaning of life. However, they also take awhile to open up, so drinking with them is necessary to coax out conversation. But once they’ve had a few cocktails, they’ll provide some of the realest talk you’ve ever had over drinks.

They Won’t Do Anything Stupid to Embarrass You

We all have those friends that you have to babysit. Rather than just have fun, you have to worry they’ll get you kicked out for starting a fight or dancing on the bar. That’s not your friendly Aquarius. Even if they’re five drinks deep, the rational Aquarius will never cross the line and always keep their wits about them. And if you’re the friend who’s always doing something stupid to be the center of attention (you’re a Leo, aren’t you?), you can trust the Aquarius will watch your back and definitely not film your antics on social media. What happens in front of an Aquarius, stays with an Aquarius.