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Crack a Bottle of Glengoolie for Archer, the Drinking Game

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The world’s drunkest (and occasionally most badass) cartoon super spy, Archer, is going on nine seasons now, and despite the wildly varying themes from season to season, show creators have remarkably managed to keep a few of the same great jokes running throughout the series. These recurring gags make Archer a treat for true fans, who pick up on the subtle nods to past episodes and the ridiculously deep references for references’ sake. They also make the show a perfect basis for a drinking game. Here’s how to drink your way through eight (soon to be nine) seasons of Archer.

Take a drink if:

  • Someone says, “Phrasing”
  • Someone says, “Sploosh”
  • Someone says, “I had something for this”
  • Archer’s phone goes off at an inopportune time
  • Brett gets shot
  • Archer dons his tactile-neck
  • Archer abuses Woodhouse
  • Lana says, “Yuuuup” (or “Nooooope”)
  • Cheryl tells someone they’re not her supervisor
  • Archer says anything is “classic her”
  • Lana says, “God damnit, Archer”
  • Archer says, “Read a book”
  • Cyril provides suppressing fire
  • Anyone warns, “That’s how you get ants”

Take two drinks if:

  • Someone asks, “Are we still doing phrasing?”
  • Archer or Krieger mentions their own erection
  • Krieger does something Nazi-like
  • Krieger expresses love for something Japanese
  • Cheryl gets strangled or talks about getting strangled
  • Cheryl ingests glue/rubber cement
  • Someone comments on the size of Lana’s hands
  • Burt Reynolds is referenced or appears
  • Someone can or cannot keep track of how many bullets they have left
  • There’s a flashback to Archer’s childhood
  • Ray says, “Dukes” (or “Double dukes” or “Triple dukes”)
  • Anyone references Lord of the Rings
  • Someone mentions the gypsy woman’s prophecy
  • Archer professes his love for an ocelot
  • Anyone says, “This is why we can’t have nice things”

Take a shot if:

  • Someone drinks Glengoolie
  • Berry shows up
  • Someone complains about tinnitus

Chug a waterfall (and hold up one finger while you do it) if:

  • Any character chugs a boozy beverage
  • Archer screams “Lanaaaaaaaa.” Continue to drink for the length of the yell—this can be applied to “Rampaaaaaage” as well.
  • Anyone calls Archer’s phone and receives a fake voicemail message. Continue to drink for the entirety of the message.

Finish the bottle if:

  • Anyone enters the danger zone