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Why Aries People Make the Best Drinking Buddies

Mark Yocca / Supercall

The fun-loving Aries knows how to have a good time, whether they’re joining you at a work happy hour or taking you to the hottest new club in town. These social butterflies love making new friends and always ensure that the people around them are having as good of a time as they are. Here are five reasons why Aries people make the best drinking buddies.

They Know About the Coolest New Places Before Anyone Else

Aries are trendsetters through and through. If a new bar opens in town, they’re the first to make a reservation and try it before any of their friends. Actually, they probably don’t even need a reservation because they likely know the owner, bartender, bouncer, busboy and can simply snag a table just by showing up. Stick with the Aries, and they’ll make you feel like the coolest person in town.

They Love Strong Drinks and Can Handle Their Liquor

Not only do Aries love strong drinks like Martinis and Sazeracs, but they don’t lose their cool after drinking a couple. Aries don’t mess around—they have no interest in a low-ABV beer when a cocktail can get the job done three times as fast. But Aries are also poised folks who know a lot of people, so they never want to look like they’re spiraling out of control. They can hang without leaving you to clean up their mess at the end of the night.

They’re Always Down for an Adventure

While Aries love to frequent their favorite hot spots and say hello to all their nightlife friends, they’re definitely not ones to get stuck in a rut. In fact, they are always down for a drinking adventure, whether that means checking out bars in a new neighborhood or pouring a cocktail into a flask and going for a night hike. Aries love to explore, so they’re great travel companions and are sure to find the best bars, even when not in their home city or country. With an Aries by your side, drinking will never feel stagnant or boring.

They Don’t Wait in Line

If you get to the club with an Aries and are faced with a long line, don’t fret—they’ll talk their way to the front in no time. Aries can be aggressive, and they refuse to waste time waiting for a good time to start. So, if you’re at a bar where the line is three people deep, send the Aries in with your drink order. They will emerge with your cocktail and a round of shots on the house.

They Always Make Sure Everyone’s Having a Good Time

Aries can’t relax if they think someone feels left out or uncomfortable in a social situation. Because they are social butterflies, they can tell when a friend or acquaintance is having trouble feeling the vibes. If you’re going to a party where you won’t know many people, bring an Aries as your guest. They’re the best wing person and will help start conversations, organize people for drinking games and always stick by your side to make sure you’re having a swell time.