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The Ultimate Boozy Scavenger Hunt for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Your bachelor or bachelorette party is the last hurrah before your wedding (a hurrah in its own right). Make sure your epic night with your groomsmen or bridesmaids is a great one, and strive to check off everything on this boozy bachelor(ette) party scavenger hunt list.

*We highly recommend you tackle these tasks in teams. The Hangover was a great drinking movie, but there’s a healthy middle ground.

1. Drink something blue.
2. Gram a cocktail at the beginning of the night and amass 50-plus likes before the end.
3. Order a Martini “shaken, not stirred,” regardless of how bad it is.
4. Have a Jello Shot. (Just one, it’s going to be a long night.)
5. Score a free drink from the bartender.
6. Order something that comes in a fishbowl.
7. Ride a mechanical bull.
8. Slam down a good ol’ fashioned tequila shot.
9. Hit a bullseye at darts.
10. Drink something out of a fruit.

11. Take a body shot or be the vessel of said body shot.
12. Get on stage and belt your go-to karaoke song.
13. Splurge on a glass of top-shelf scotch.
14. Drink a cocktail with a whole egg in it.
15. Nail an epic beer pong shot.
16. Have a glass of Frosé.
17. Take a picture next to a funny bar sign.
18. Order a drink with one of these pickup line drink orders.
19. Carry around a flask of something low ABV to keep your buzz going in between bars, and finish it before the night is over.
20. Eat something awesomely greasy after midnight. You’ll need the fuel.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

21. Order a cocktail with beer in it.
22. Beat a stranger at pool.
23. Order a flaming cocktail, (responsibly) extinguish it and drink it.
24. Tell the bartender a “walks into a bar” joke and make him or her genuinely laugh.
25. Drink absinthe in any way, shape or form. (Go with a cocktail.)
26. Take a hit of a Chambong.
27. Open someone’s beer for them without an opener.
28. Write something on a dive bar bathroom (Mary + Rob 4 Lyfe!) and leave your mark forever.
29. Order a sexually charged cocktail like a Slippery Nipple or a Blowjob Shot with a straight face.
30. Get the bartender to join the party after his or her shift.