No Shame: Our Favorite Guilty Pleasure Cocktails

Everyone has a guilty pleasure cocktail—whether it’s something nostalgic you only drink in copious amounts when you’re with close friends or a drink that is so rich that it’s reserved solely for the holidays. Whatever your guilty pleasure cocktail is, as long as it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you’re doing it right.

Though we here at Supercall have (mostly) outgrown the embarrassing drinking habits we had at 21, there are plenty of ways we still indulge against our better cocktail judgment years later. From an excess of homemade Hot Buttered Rum, to a questionably delicious bottle of flavored apple wine, here are the cocktails Supercall drinks when no one’s looking.

“My ultimate guilty pleasure is a blended Grasshopper, made with vanilla ice cream. I never feel comfortable ordering them when I’m out, but at home when a dessert craving hits, I always have green crème de menthe and white crème de cacao handy to whip up with some ice cream—I’d take it any day over a straight pint of Ben & Jerry’s. My grandpa would make them for us this way at Christmas every year and since it was alcoholic, we were only allowed to have one, but that made it extra special. It was the first cocktail I ever had and a favorite for a lifetime.” —Laura Reilly, Editorial Assistant

“I love Kamikaze shots just because that was the first shot I ever took and stuck to it for a while in college. I also love Dirty Shirleys because as a child Shirley Temples were my go-to, but they’re embarrassing to order. I also love a Whiskey-Diet Coke, but after working at Supercall, I feel like bartenders judge me for ordering it.” —Matthew Kelly, Photographer

“Anything in slushie form. At Bushwick Country Club, they have a Jack and Coke slushie that feels like such a treat.” —Zoe Barton, Manager of Audience Development

“Boone's Farm Snow Creek Berry: I haven't had Boone's Farm in many years, but I would crack a bottle in a second if I had the opportunity. According to the label it's a "Flavored Apple Wine Product." But I've never detected any hint of "apple" or "wine" in any of the flavors. It certainly is a "product," though. The Snow Creek Berry tastes like delicious, fruity soda—akin to a Clearly Canadian—that happens to be (very slightly) boozy, and costs about $4 for a full 750-ml bottle. It's best drunk ice cold the morning after a party, straight from the bottle while in the shower.” —Justine Sterling, Executive Editor

“Total guilty pleasure: Wintertime drinks. As a kid, my dad's two favorite cocktails when the mercury dropped were Hot Buttered Rum (which he made with butter, baking spices and vanilla ice cream) and hot chocolate with marshmallows and a hefty pour of peppermint schnapps. I not only inherited my father’s wintertime drinking habits, but have even added a few other boozy sweets to the rotation; Eggnog and Coquito. One winter I drank so much homemade Eggnog I gained nearly 20 pounds.” —Dillon Mafit, Staff Writer

Eggnog is a twofold guilty pleasure for me. First, because it's chockablock full of cream and sugar, but second because I didn't grow up around it—unfortunately they don't serve Eggnog at Hanukkah. Coming to Eggnog later in life, it's a little harder to convince myself of the wintertime myth that indulgent liquid calories are cancelled out by holiday cheer. But I don't care even a little bit. I love Eggnog cold, hot, spiced, with rum or with bourbon or both, whatever. Last year, Dillon and I attended a Coquito contest—a Puerto Rican relative of Eggnog—where we tried 12 variations in rapid-fire succession. Best, guiltiest 90 seconds of my life.” —Nicholas Mancall-Bitel, Editorial Assistant

“I’m not much for vodka, but I love Lemon Drop shots. There’s just something so satisfying about numbing the pain of a vodka shot—preferably citrus-flavored Skyy like they used in my favorite college dive—with a sweet-and-sour sugar-coated lemon.” —Anna Archibald, Senior Editor