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Bartenders Reveal the Weirdest Things People Have Left at the Bar

Mark Yocca / supercall

After a few rounds at the bar, we can all get a bit…forgetful. You may have left behind your bag or wallet, or perhaps forgotten to close out your tab, only to slink back into the bar in the bright, accusatory light of day to recover your abandoned possessions. But these minor lapses in attention are nothing compared to some lost items bartenders have recovered over the years. Here are just a few gems found at the bar after last call.

A Dreadlock Wig

“I had a guy sit at the bar with dreadlocks down to his waist tell me stories of how he's had them since he toured with Bob Marley. Later after close, I was cleaning the bathrooms and I found his dreadlocks wig dripping wet and hanging on the back of the stall door. He came back for it the next day.” — Brandi Boles, Salazar, Los Angeles, CA

A Single Shoe

“I once found a shoe, which doesn't seem that weird until you think about it. Who takes off their shoe at the bar, and why only one?” — David King, Baldoria, Los Angeles, CA

Ladies’ Underwear

“One time I remember finding woman's underwear (a thong) on the end barstool. The only thing is, there was never a woman sitting there all night—only men! Made me wonder how it got there…the mystery was never solved.” — Adrian Grossman, Social Drink & Food, New York, NY

A Coffin

“The strangest thing I've seen left at a bar would be when someone brought a coffin into Alaska and left it propped against the wall. That coffin lived there until Alaska closed.” — Billy Nichols, Faun, Brooklyn, NY

The Next Great American Novel

“The list goes on and on: Storm (from the X-Men) costume. Life-size black velour mannequin (always fun at Halloween). One shoe (how do you leave only one? I mean, you’d think you’d notice). One night, a man left his journal. He called back the next day and was very anxious to retrieve it and described it as his ‘great American novel.’ Upon inspection, it was page after page of nonsensical ramblings, drawings of stick figures, and what looked like saliva stains.” — Hector Bury, Copa d’Oro, Santa Monica, CA

A Wedding Ring

“The most ridiculous thing would be a wedding ring. We hold a lot of events at the resort and we always have bridal parties before and after weddings at Crystal Tavern’s bar. One night, there was a large wedding party in the Tavern the night before a wedding and the drinks were flowing. The best man of the wedding was responsible for holding the rings. Well, he ended up getting sloshed and left BOTH rings right on the bar and no one noticed they were missing until three hours later. So far, that's the record!” — Ali Koppel, Crystal Springs Resort, Hamburg, NJ

Men’s Underwear

“I found a pair of men’s underwear with a $100 bill in the flap.” — Jeremy Fall, Nighthawk, Venice, CA