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10 Funniest Bartender Memes on the Internet Right Now

Whether you’re a career bartender with a passion for mixology, a hardened dive bar beer slinger or an out of work actor trying to make ends meet, all bartenders experience the same struggles. For those nights where everything seems to go wrong, these bartender memes are sure to ease your stress with some laughs. Here are the 10 funniest memes that all bartenders can relate to right now.

When customers ask you to “go easy on the ice”

When a customer complains for receiving a real Martini when they meant to order an Apple-Tini

When your manager sticks you with the new guy

When you’re supposed to be friendly to the customers, but you’ve been working 12 hours straight

When you know a customer is lying about their previous bartending career

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When your friends show up right before last call expecting free drinks

When the bar is packed and a customer is holding you hostage

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When people want in-depth descriptions of every item on the menu

When even you have to admit the cocktail menu is getting a little out of control

When you’ve probably earned a psychology degree by now