The 21 Funniest Booze Ads Ever

Sometimes drinking is an intellectual pursuit, with esoteric recipes and involved mixing techniques, but more often, drinking is just a good time. A liquor company’s No. 1 goal should always be to inspire that good time, and our favorite booze makers manage to do so before the liquid itself even touches your lips. Here, our favorite funny booze ads of all time, from the print era to internet shenanigans.

When in Doubt, Ask Billy Dee Williams

Diddy and Aziz Ansari Have a Smooth Off

Funny? Or Terrifying?

Courtesy of Smirnoff

Campari: Life is sweet. Life is bitter.

A Quick Palate Cleanser After Too Many Male-Targeted Ads

Courtesy of Absolut

Slo-Mo Fails

The Crash Heard Around the World

That’s Quite a Shot

Courtesy of Gringo's Tequila

Dogs Make Everything Better

Good Advice From E.T.

Courtesy of Coors

Carlton’s Big Ad

A Dastardly Scene

Courtesy of heineken

Oh, Hey George

Literally Every Dos Equis Most Interesting Man Commercial

A Punchline Worth Waiting For

An Ad Too Good for TV


Courtesy of Budweiser

Noises Are Fun

Tim and Eric and Zach Make the Weirdest Ad Ever

And There’s a Part 2

Aaaaaaaand a Part 3