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Our Favorite Bars in the Country

Choosing a favorite bar is no easy task—whether you consider yourself a craft beer connoisseur, or you drink cocktails and write about it for a living. But there’s always that one experience that stands out above all others, whether it be downing subpar beers at a dive or sipping a fancy cocktail at a speakeasy, after which a bar starts to feel like home. As it turns out, the Supercall team prefers a wide variety of watering holes from places all across the country and for more reasons than one. Check out our top bar picks in the USA, see if you’ve been to any of them, and get inspired to go out and drink at your favorite haunt.

Marie’s Crisis, New York, NY

“It’s the best place in the world—just very happy people drinking and singing all together. Where else in the world can you harmonise to Les Misérables 'One Day More' at 2 in the morning? It’s also frequented by Broadway stars and celebrities. Plus, there's a ‘no picture rule,’ so you can embarrass yourself as much as you want.” —Matthew Kelly, Photographer

El Bar, Philadelphia, PA

“El Bar is a dive bar in the Fishtown neighborhood. It’s known for their cheap citywide specials which are $4.75 for a pounder of PBR and a shot of Evan Williams. Pretty small space, but it's a good people-watching spot because there's always a variety of people in there. It's super cheap, good crowd, and just a fun place to go hang out and grab a citywide.” —Mark Yocca, Illustrator/Designer

Rocka Rolla, Brooklyn, NY

“As much as the name makes me cringe, this Williamsburg bar never fails to deliver. It serves cheap (good) beer in massive schooners (goblet-like glasses). It makes its Micheladas with tiny ponies of High Life. It has Big Buck Hunter. It has intimidatingly cool, tatted up bartenders dressed in tattered, vintage hard rock shirts. It has fun, kitsch old bar signs (including one which seems to depict an older man eating a hardboiled egg—never really understood that one). It has a patio. It has a giant buffalo head on the wall. And it also has probably the best jukebox around, stocked with everything from hair metal (Ratt is always my go-to) to Squeeze. It's great when it's empty on a Sunday afternoon, and the regulars come in to trade shots of whiskey and gossip with the bartenders. And it's banging late on a Friday night when trendy hipsters and grizzled ex-rockers co-mingle. That said, please don't go there. It's crowded enough.”  —Justine Sterling, Executive Editor

Parish, Brooklyn, NY

“It's a dimly lit bar with a modern vibe that's more interested in serving up great, incredibly well-balanced cocktails in a cool atmosphere than it is in becoming the 'next new Brooklyn hot spot'—inferred from the fact that it's sometimes closed for no reason, without warning. It has a cozy outdoor area and is also right by my apartment—always a plus." —Kevin Schlittenhardt, Managing Editor

The Patterson House, Nashville, TN

“It’s hard to pick just one, but I have to go with The Patterson House in Nashville. The bar is beautiful and spacious—it’s seating room only, which is a huge bonus in my book—the cocktails are interesting, and the bar team is as friendly and detail-oriented as can be. I also love that the playlist always includes country music despite it being a speakeasy-style bar. There’s no snobbery and you won’t forget that you’re in Music City.” —Anna Archibald, Senior Editor

George's Lounge, Canton, OH

“I can't travel to Canton, Ohio—my hometown—without visiting George's Lounge. This place is so old school in its looks and prices, but it was recently taken over by two 30-something brothers, so the joint is better than ever. The round bar is perfect for gathering family and friends for drinks because you can walk around easily to socialize with different groups. A Maker's neat costs like $4 and the jukebox is the best I've ever seen. They have ridiculously good burgers and like 10 kinds of loaded fries for midnight snacking. It's truly my happy place.” —Amanda Gabriele, Senior Editor

McSorley’s Old Ale House, New York, NY

“My favorite bar will always be McSorley’s Old Ale House in New York City. As soon as I walk into the tiny, cramped interior and smell the sawdust, I feel at home—being both a native New Yorker and absurdly Irish. The bartenders are jolly, the company inviting, and the memorabilia covering the walls is like doing a search and find puzzle—you’ll find everything from Houdini’s handcuffs on the bar rail to wishbones hung by men who went off to World War I and never returned. As an extremely indecisive person, there’s nothing better than only having to choose between two offerings: light or dark. This bar transports me to what I imagine old New York to be.” —Laura Reilly, Assistant Editor

Bearded Lady, Brooklyn, NY

“Bearded Lady will always inhabit a special place in my heart because I inhabited a special place right across the street for several years. It was the first bar I patronized, near the first apartment I lived in as an adult. They change the menu often and even rotate the slushie machines regularly over the summer (I've sung the praises of their slushies before), but I'd go back just to pull up a yellow stool or sit by the massive open windows, and sip the same drinks that made me love cocktails in the first place. A close second place is the nearest bar to wherever I currently live.” —Nicholas Mancall-Bitel, Assistant Editor