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How to Turn Your Favorite Board Games Into Drinking Games

Dust off those old childhood board games because we’re about to give them new life. How? With booze, of course. With just a few tweaks of the rules and a big batch of cocktails, you can take any game from humdrum to historic. And trust us, they’re all better to play while drinking than Jenga. Here’s how to turn your favorite board games into the best drinking games ever.


With cocktail prices eternally on the rise, it’s easy to drink your wallet dry, but in the boozy version of Monopoly you actually earn money drinking. Take a gulp of a beer or cocktail to earn yourself a $5 note, finish your drink for a $20, and take a shot for $100. You’ll be just like the Supercall team, drinking to earn money. This same logic can apply to jail time, with a shot representing your get out of jail free card.

Settlers of Catan

Grab a flagon of mead and gather round the land of Catan, where you’re no longer building settlements or cities, but rather pop-ups and bars. The pop-ups can only get wine/beer licenses, so take a drink of something low-ABV each time you build one. Upgrading a pop-up to a bar grants you a full liquor license, so celebrate with a hard drink. And remember to always be responsible behind the reins of your donkey cart, so give someone else a drink every time you build a road.


Upgrade your armaments by swapping ships for shots. Battleshots, as it’s known around the internet, turns a watery grave into a boozy one. For added effect (and a heavier drinking game), use Navy strength gin.


Stop illiterate players from piggybacking off your genius play. Any time a player adds an “s” or “ing” to the end of a word, they have to take a drink. Ditto for rarely used combinations of consonants that are technically words, like qi, za and pyx.

Alternatively, combine Scrabble with the card game BS by enforcing a drink penalty for double checking the dictionary. If a bold player lays down a false word, a player can challenge it. If the word is in the dictionary, the challenger drinks. If it’s made up, the player drinks, removes the word and takes the turn over.


Risk can get tedious, but this rule should help make it a lot more entertaining: Every time someone loses a battle, he or she has the opportunity to take a drink to redo the roll. This should extend the already infamously lengthy game into the wee hours of the morn, but you’ll enjoy the endless infighting a lot more.


Much like Battleshots, checkers pieces can easily be replaced by drinks, drunk for every fallen piece. More elaborate would be a chess set with each piece represented by a different drink, ranging in proof depending upon each piece’s value—low-ABV beer for pawns, wine for rooks and knights, medium-weight liqueur for bishops and queens, and a full-proof shot for the king.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is best when players plead their cases, but winning a black card isn’t quite enough motivation. Add a boozy penalty for bad plays, and the odds instantly leap. In each round, the judge not only picks a winning card (done anonymously), but also a worst response. The player who set down the poor answer has a chance to defend themselves, either earning a pass from the group with superior logic or getting condemned to drink.


For every roll you take in the lower section (ones, twos, etc.) take a drink of beer or wine. For every roll in the higher section (straight, full house, etc.) take a sip of something stronger. For every Yahtzee, take a shot (and shout “Yahtzee!” as you do so—something we do regardless if we’re playing or not).


Condense the format of the classic frat “hotel party” into a 2D tour of the mystery mansion. Assign a different drink to each room as required payment upon entry. The drink doubles as punishment for reckless, errant guessing.


Much like drinking, the fun of The Game of Life is experiencing an alternate reality. Celebrate the wondrous fantasies all the more by combining Life with Never Have I Ever, taking a drink every time your player experiences something you never have.

Mouse Trap

Drink if the trap works. Drink if it doesn’t. How is this even a game?