9 Most Epic Bottomless Boozy Brunches in NYC

Brunch is a religion in New York City, and bottomless boozy brunch is Sunday church. While there are countless restaurants offering all-you-can-drink brunch-tails throughout the city, a few go above and beyond. Instead of settling for just one sad, overly OJ-ed Mimosa, get the most bang for your buck at one of these epic bottomless brunch spots in Manhattan.

West Village

One of the most notoriously difficult spots to get a reservation, Agave delivers on the hype with their phenomenal food and on-point booze offerings. Their $32.99 pre-fixe menu will get you an entree—like Spanish Eggs Benedict with serrano ham—along with two hours of bottomless Mimosas, wine or their signature frozen Margaritas. No shade, bubbly, but this Mexican restaurant specializes in tequila. Make sure you go for the endless Margs.


This Jamaican restaurant is a landmark brunch destination, famous for its Caribbean twist on brunch staples like coconut pancakes and jerk pork belly hash. For $35, you can enjoy an entree along with two hours of unlimited Jamaican-inspired cocktails—the One Love Bellini (passion fruit, orange juice and sparkling wine) or the Hotstepper (a Jamaican Bloody Mary made with soju, jerk spices and Scotch bonnet peppers).

Upper West Side

At Calle Ocho, you’ll savor pan-Latin cuisine, ranging from Cuban to Peruvian to Dominican to Spanish, along with lots and lots and lots of Sangria. The restaurant has a fairly laid back approach to their bottomless Sangria bar, simply asking that people don’t double-fist glasses or squat at a table for an unreasonable length of time. Play by the rules and the eight varieties of Sangria—such as the coconut rum and banana White Sangria or the cinnamon, peach and dark rum Red Sangria—are yours for the sampling.

Lower East Side

One of the most affordable bottomless brunch options in the city, Pig and Khao serves up Southeast Asian-inspired fare—like sizzling sisig and green papaya salad—with two hours worth of bottomless booze for an additional $15. Keep with the Asian theme by drinking mango or lychee Mimosas, or play bartender and opt for the self-serve Yuengling draft—the restaurant gives you an empty cup for you to fill as many times as you like from the tap in the covered, twinkle light-adorned back patio.

Multiple Locations

This local Mexican chain offers boozy brunch at three of its five locations—Park Ave, Third Ave and Times Square. For an additional $18 on top of an entree, you can sip on unlimited frozen Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Screwdrivers and sparkling wine (but the bright pink prickly pear cactus and strawberry Margarita is where it’s at) for two hours. It’s the perfect escape when you have an out-of-town visitor that demands you spend the day in Times Square.

Greenwich Village

The guac is NOT extra at Horchata. For $35, this Mexican restaurant will give you an entree, guacamole, house-made corn tortilla chips and two hours of unlimited Sangria, Mimosas, Bloodies and cerveza on tap. When the weather cools, make sure you try their Apple Cider Sangria, made with reposado tequila, apples, pear nectar, cinnamon and cider.

Financial District

As you might have guessed by the name, The Malt House specializes in craft beer, which they even mix into a brunch cocktail. For $18 with the purchase of an entree like fried chicken and waffles or slow braised short rib breakfast burritos, enjoy unlimited Maltmosas (Mimosas spiked with wheat beer), along with Bloody Marys, Bellinis and Screwdrivers. For an additional fee, you can also get bottomless draft beer, house wines and Sangria.

East Village

Plain ol’ bottomless Mimosas may not sound exciting in comparison to the more varied offerings throughout the city, but for only $10 a person, consider us excited. You won’t find a cheaper deal in NYC than at this Italian restaurant. While we’re not the type to take advantage of loopholes, it’s worth noting that the restaurant doesn’t specify a time limit on their menu.

Greenwich Village

Two hours not enough time to get your fill of bubbly brunch-tails? Welcome to West 3rd Common, an NYU haunt that offers not two, not three, but four full hours of unlimited cocktails. For $35, pair your entree with Bloodies, Mimosas and Screwdrivers for a whole sixth of the day. One catch: After two hours, you’ll be forced to give up your table, but you can still enjoy two more hours of drinking at the bar. Pace yourself. Bottomless brunch is a marathon, not a sprint.