The Best Hangover Breakfasts, According to Bartenders

When it comes to hangover cures, we’ve tried everything from hair of the dog cocktails to Prairie Oysters, but no cure is quite as satisfying as a big, tasty breakfast. So we asked some of our favorite bartenders to weigh in with their hangover breakfast picks. Take their advice the next time you’re feeling sluggish after a late night.

Fruit, Veggies and Oats

“From personal experience, I don't want to do much after a crazy night out. So keeping it minimal is key. Try to consume raw fruit, veggies and oats if you can. Processed foods will make your body work more, which can result in discomfort. Try to sneak in some avocado or a couple of eggs to introduce healthy fats back into your system. And don't forget the good ol' ibuprofen.” — Derrick Turner, Harding’s NYC

Buttery Breakfast Sandwich

“I like a big, delicious breakfast sandwich on thick bread with lots of butter, eggs over easy, cheese and hot sauce—plus some sort of fried potato on the side. No meat though, I'm a vegetarian. And now I'm super hungry.” — Sarah Anne Clarke, Hidden Harbor

Watermelon and Chocolate Milk

“First, Watermelon! Watermelon is light on the stomach, hydrating and that little bit of sugar is great to start you off. In my opinion, it's the perfect hangover food. Then for protein, I'll eat some salty beef jerky (weird, I know) because sometimes my stomach can't handle eggs or something greasy right away. Then chocolate milk because it’s soothing to the stomach and strangely comforting. Once I feel a little better, I'll have a slice of pizza and a Coke followed by some coffee. I think drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a bad idea, so I like to make sure I've eaten enough.” — Stacey Swenson, Dante NYC


“Both my tummy and my brain seem to think that biscuits and gravy are the best hangover breakfast. They're deliciously dense, cakey and gooey at the same time, which soaks up all the alcohol. Of course, there is no science that says this is true, but they sure taste good. Lots of water and a terribly cold can of cola probably works too.” — Kim Stodel, Providence

Hash Browns and Aspirin

“I don't think there really is a cure for hangovers, so I try to avoid them at all costs. But if I have one, I find that protein, caffeine, hash browns, aspirin and a Mimosa—followed by a nap—usually make me feel better.” — Sierra Kirk, Hale Pele

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“WHATABURGER, WHATABURGER, WHATABURGER. Biscuits and gravy, taquitos, burgers—it doesn't matter just as long as there is a bright orange "W" on the bag. It’s better than the hair of the dog. Trust me, I have been there and WHATABURGER is the cure.” — Richard Middleton, Brennan’s of Houston

Breakfast Pizza

“One of my favorite hangover cures is a slice of Casey’s General Store breakfast pizza and a gigantic Gatorade.” — Van Zarr, Rye KC


“I’m a huge fan of coconut water as soon as I wake up. After that it would have to be a cheeseburger (or three).” — Andrew Olsen, Bluestem

Fried Bologna Sandwich with a Pickle Chaser

“I suggest pickle juice and a fried bologna sandwich with an egg. It’s not on the menu at The Peninsula, but I’ve been known to make it for one of our regular guests.” — David Codney, The Peninsula Beverly Hills 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

“I start the day by eating a grilled cheese with avocado and bacon accompanied by coconut water for its hydrating properties and ability to soak up any excesses.” — Paris Fallet, Green Dragon Tavern

Green Smoothie

“The best hangover cure is to fill yourself up with healthy goodness. I recommend a smoothie made with fresh green apples, spinach, avocados, kale and coconut water.” — Jillian Holmes, Chandler’s

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Buttermilk Biscuits and Pimento Cheese

“The best hangover fixers are comfort foods with a southern twist such as buttermilk biscuits with chipotle maple syrup and pimento cheese.” — Scott Howard, Citizen

Pizza and Pepsi

“My worst hangover usually calls for a cure of the following: a slice of pizza, BC powder, a cold Pepsi can and 30 minutes later, I drink a kombucha.” — Bill Brooks, The Cannibal Liquor House

Sauerkraut Soup

"I have three pieces of advice. First, try not to get to that level where the next morning you want to die—drink responsibly. But if you went hardcore last night, here is my second piece of advice: Make yourself a sauerkraut soup in a morning. This is the hangover cure back in Lithuania. It works like a magic pick-me-up—it's full of vitamin C, iron and it's low in calories. My last piece of advice: Pop into to my bar for a Sunday Roast. I'll make you a great Bloody Mary, we will feed you and delay your hangover to another day. Better later than now!" — Antanas Samkus, The Beatrice Inn


"Whiskey in a glass." —Albert Depompeis, indieFORK