Top 10 Cocktail Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram may be chock full of artsy selfies, aerial shots of brunch and adorable photos of puppies, but the photo sharing tool has also inspired plenty of cocktail lovers to join in on the fun—and make a name for themselves. In addition to career bartenders and exclusively Insta-famous mixologists, a number of talented cocktail bloggers use the social media site to share the dazzling and potent creations featured on their own websites.

The next time you find yourself needing a little boozy inspiration, flood your feed with visions of tasty cocktails and follow our 10 favorite cocktail bloggers on Instagram.

Gastronomista, Emily Arden Wells

A frequent finalist for “Cocktail Blogger of the Year” roundups, Emily Arden Wells’ bright and airy Gastronomista feed features crisp snapshots of cocktails, spirit recommendations and snippets from her globetrotting exploits (one recent Japanese whiskey-filled jaunt to Tokyo had us particularly jealous). She’s an architect by day, but her website is so professional-looking that it’s hard to believe the blog isn’t her full-time job.

Stir and Strain, Elana Lepkowski

Stir and Strain describes itself as a “cocktail scratch pad,” since it’s testing ground for Elana Lepkowski’s many recipe ideas. She even encourages her readers to give their input in the comments. Another familiar face in blogging awards, Stir and Strain most often features cocktail recipes, elegant Jello Shot how-tos and themed gift guides.  

Good Drink, Colleen Jeffers

The philosophy behind Colleen Jeffers’ blog Good Drink is to teach people the fundamentals of cocktail making so they eventually become comfortable enough to experiment on their own. Jeffers’ blog and Instagram often feature simple twists on classics—like Spicy Cilantro Margaritas—that are perfect for beginners looking to take their cocktail game to the next level.

Garnish, Katie Stryjewski

Boston-based “Garnish Girl” Katie Stryjewski may spend her days working as an evolutionary biologist, but by night she’s a skilled cocktailian. On Instagram, she showcases different ways to utilize specific brands, frequently hosting giveaways of those products. Stryjewski also tests out recipes from cocktail books and experiments with new takes on classics, like this rose bitters-infused Bee’s Knees.

Two For The Bar, Talia Kleinplatz

Inspired by the “magic of shared experience” that cocktails can create, Talia Kleinplatz started her blog Two For The Bar. She regularly features various elements of cocktail culture, including Cocktail of the Day recipes and how-tos, as well as interviews with bartenders and spotlights on mixology competitions.


Stars for Streetlights, Stacie Grissom

New York City-based blogger and BarkPost founder Stacie Grissom uses her urban balcony garden to grow fresh cocktail ingredients. Nearly all of the drinks she features on Instagram and her blog include fresh herbs, flowers and other botanicals, like this Watermelon Basil Margarita made with freshly plucked balcony basil. Though her blog also features writings about New York City life and craft tutorials, Grissom’s Insta feed is strictly boozy.

The GastroNom, Jay and Leah Hall  

This husband and wife duo from Omaha is as passionate about food as they are about cocktails. Their Instagram features recipes for picture-perfect cocktails, along with drool-worthy snaps of meals and treats like boozy marshmallows. Follow only if you’re prepared to have cocktail and food envy at the same time.

Beautiful Booze, Natalie Migliarini


Just as its name suggests, Natalie Migliarini’s blog Beautiful Booze is all about stunning cocktails—and it translates seamlessly to her Instagram. Whether it’s with a showstopping garnish, creative glassware or a wanderlust-inducing backdrop, Migliarini knows how to make a drink look as good as it tastes.

Letters & Liquor, Matthew William Wyne

This blog may not be dedicated to cocktail recipes in the traditional sense, but it’s still a gorgeous feed to follow. Wyne is a lettering artist who illustrates classic cocktails in the design style of the period they were invented—like this Baroque-style Sherry Cobbler. On his website, he delves into the history of each cocktail and the lettering inspiration, along with a recipe at the end.

How To Drink, Greg Titian

Blogger—or should we say vlogger—Greg Titian may be just starting out, but his Instagram feed is a good one to watch. Titian posts short clips from his YouTube vlog, where he teaches viewers how to drink better, offering everything from cocktail and syrup recipes to crafting clear ice. What makes Titian stand out from his competition, though, is his exquisite production value: All of his videos are shot with impeccable clarity and style.