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What to Drink Depending on the Show You’re Binge Watching Now

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Between HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu and every other streaming service competing for your eyeball time, there’s a whole lot of TV out there. Whether you’re cramming for the next awards show or just trying desperately to remain culturally relevant, you’re going to have to put in some serious hours of binge watching. You’ll definitely need some refreshments to keep your chilling strength up. Here, the best cocktail to drink with every show you should be watching now.

HBO / Matthew Kelly

Game of Thrones: Cabernet Manhattan

Everything’s better with wine—even the death of your most beloved character. Grab a bottle of cheap-o wine to ease the pain, but don’t just pour it into the nearest goblet. Instead, use it to make this higher-ABV wine-tail, punched up with bourbon and Cynar, worthy of a red wedding. If you don’t think you’ll need such a stiff drink to make it through, we have just one word for you: Hodor.

Showtime / Matthew Kelly

Twin Peaks: Irish Coffee

Whether you’re a longtime David Lynch fan feeling blessed by the Twin Peaks revival or a newbie just now getting in on that Log Lady fever, you’ll need a damn fine cup of coffee to power your watch sesh. While the show did give the world its own custom cocktail, the Black Yukon Sucker Punch, it never elaborated on the recipe for the black and blue concoction. So stick to the classic cup of spiked joe, topped with good homemade whipped cream.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Orange Is the New Black: Mexican Bulldog

The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary don’t do a whole lot of drinking behind bars (and we’re not interested in recommending prison wine), but Margs do play a role in several scenes outside the prison walls, including the pivotal meeting between Alex and Piper. But settling for a standard Margarita would be doing an injustice (get it?) to the hardcore inmates. Like an ingenious prison hack, flipping a beer into that slushie tequila cocktail turns it into a whole new drink.

AMC / Matthew Kelly

The Americans: Moscow Mule

Root for your favorite undercover Russian spies with this new(ish) classic cocktail. Like Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, it may look friendly and kind, but within that shiny copper mug lies a heavy hit of vodka (preferably one from Russia) that will knock you out cold if you aren’t careful.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Pretty in Pink

Only a bright pink cocktail could match Kimmy’s bubbly personality. Invented at Butter & Scotch (located in Kimmy’s adopted home of Brooklyn), the Pretty in Pink combines the joy of pink rosé with sweet strawberry ice cream and just a hint of bittersweet Aperol (a nod to Kimmy’s dark past), making the perfect float for anyone who prefers to have dessert at the bar.

HBO / Matthew Kelly

The Leftovers: White Lady

Looking back on the recently finished series, the Guilty Remnant is still our favorite part of the show, if only because we’d like to institute our own vow of silence in our living rooms while the HBO series is on. This white on white gin cocktail is frothed with egg whites, perfect for the cult clad in white.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Bojack Horseman: Horse’s Neck

Our favorite sardonic cartoon horse pretty much drinks his way through life, which makes for some pretty grim humor—that we just can’t get enough of. Similarly, this bourbon cocktail is only tempered by spicy-sweet ginger beer and several hefty dashes of bitters, but it’s the long lemon peel garnish that reminds us most of Bojack’s endless downward spiral. Here’s a great drinking game: Take a drink every time someone says something heart wrenchingly depressing or you laugh out of emotional discomfort. You won’t make it through a season.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

House of Cards: Tequila Reaper

Given his death toll, they ought to call Frank the Carolina Reaper. Though the South Carolina native may appear as innocent as the bright Highball, both contain pure fire and evil within. Hot sauce, made from the infamous pepper from Frank’s home state, infuses tequila and celery soda with punishing heat. The cocktail is so tasty you’ll have no choice but to keep sipping and sweating until the glass is drained.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Master of None: Negroni

The first season of Aziz Ansari’s modern, rambling romcom introduced us to his love of all things Italian, so we initially thought the lighthearted comedian would sip a light aperitif like an Aperol Spritz. But as Ansari turns a tad more brooding and melancholy in the second season, we think a darker, bitter, stirred Negroni is more suitable, something Dev himself might order at PDT to impress a Tinder date.

HBO / Matthew Kelly

Silicon Valley: Blu Margarita

Always blue! Always blue! Richard and Gavin are known to sip frozen Margs during their secret meetings in the back of a kitschy Mexican restaurant, but we want to drink something with a bit more pizzazz, something Erlich would drink beneath his palapa. Like Pied Piper with its horrible logo, this blue drink is way better than its blue curaçao-tinted appearance might suggest. If nothing else, we can assure you it’s not a hotdog.

AMC / Matthew Kelly

Better Call Saul: Rusty Nail

Even if you’ve only watched a few minutes of Better Call Saul, you’ll know the titular anti-hero’s drink is a Rusty Nail. He makes one in the very first scene of the show. Much like Saul, the cocktail is underappreciated, but this dark, boozy lowball is perfect for a seedy attorney taking a load off or a Breaking Bad fanatic unwilling to let go of Vince Gilligan’s sordid vision of Albuquerque.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Stranger Things: The Upside Down Daiquiri

Netflix’s campy ‘80s style horror series is unlike anything else on TV today, so we had to create a whole new drink to drink while we rehash the first season. This split level cocktail represents our world and the Upside Down, complete with an eerie red hue. It’s even garnished with an edible flower (for the monster’s flower-shaped face) and an Eggo waffle (for Eleven’s favorite snack, of course).

FX / Matthew Kelly

Archer: Bloody Mary

Archer’s liquid diet is pretty diverse, but if there’s one thing that keeps the superspy going mission in and mission out, it’s a Bloody Mary. Take it from Sterling himself: “Bloody Mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails.” After a pitcher, and a few seasons, you’ll definitely be in the danger zone.

HBO / Matthew Kelly

Westworld: Midnight Train

This new take on an Old Fashioned might feel familiar, but it’s different enough to stand apart from the others. Named not for the train to Westworld but rather as a reference to “Midnight Train to Georgia,” the riff swaps sugar for peach liqueur. Its creator, Lucinda Sterling of Middle Branch, says it’s a delight. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have violent ends.

FX / Matthew Kelly

American Horror Story: Bloodshot Eyes Jello Shots

AHS’s seasonal storylines make it impossible to match the entire series with a cocktail (and yes, you’ll binge the whole series), but a creepy treat is still in order. These bloodshot eye-shaped Jello Shots should do the trick, though the red-veined poppers are nothing compared to your own sleep-deprived eyes as you burn through another season.

FX / Matthew Kelly

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Milk Punch

We wouldn’t want to touch a lot of the drinks the gang whips up at Paddy’s Pub, but Charlie and Mac were on to something with fight milk, the “first alcoholic, dairy-based protein drink for bodyguards, by bodyguards.” With a name that’s arguably even more tough, Milk Punch combines booze and milk in a way that doesn’t make us want to vomit like the duo’s crow egg-spiked bodybuilding tonic. Bonus: It’s also the perfect drink for the McPoyle fans out there.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Any Marvel Show: New York Sour

Whether you’re a Daredevil devotee or a Jessica Jones fanboy, everyone can agree on a New York-themed cocktail for the next Defenders binge sesh. The New York Sour is the perfect compromise cocktail, with both whiskey and red wine to satisfy every palate.

Netflix / Matthew Kelly

Narcos: Jungle Juice

A lot goes down in the Colombian jungle, as the cartels, the government and the DEA all vie for control. Even if—spoiler alert—our favorite South American drug lord, Pablo Escobar, is out of contention since his most recent failed escape, Season 3 is still worthy of a watch party, fueled by a Colombian aguardiente-spiked Jungle Juice, of course.

HBO / Matthew Kelly

Insecure: Sangria

Ever since her fictional counter Issa Dee engineered a “wine-down” party in the Season 2 premiere, Issa Rae has been holding a wine-spiked recap with fellow stars after each episode to discuss the latest plot points. We think this is a practice more shows should adopt. Invite a few friends over on the condition that they too bring some vino, then batch up some Sangria and hold your own series discussion sesh.

HBO / Matthew Kelly

Veep: Martha Washington’s Rum Punch

Someday we’ll have a cocktail invented by the first woman president (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, please please please run in 2020), but until then we’ll have to settle for a cocktail invented by the first first lady. Old Mrs. Washington’s punch of choice is no slouch. Pumped up with six cups of rum, it’s got enough booze to turn your binge sesh into a real political party.

USA / Matthew Kelly

Mr. Robot: Apple Martini

Elliot may get a weird look from the bartender when he orders an Appletini in the third episode of Season 1 (that tends to happen when—spoiler alert—you hit the bar with an imaginary friend), but you shouldn’t be unashamed to sip our version. Made without neon ingredients, this actually palatable apple cocktail won’t make your face hurt. You’d have to be delusional not to drink it.