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The Best Drinking Game for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

While some turn to the stars for advice on their love life or career, we prefer to consult the heavens about booze, whether it’s to determine our “spirit” animal or the appropriate way to party. And if you’re looking for the best drinking game for you, the zodiac can help with that as well. Here, what drinking game to play according to your sign.  

Aries: Flip Cup

Aries folk are social butterflies, always making sure everyone at the party is having a good time. Flip Cup is a perfect drinking game because you can include as many or as few people as you want. Aries can relax playing this game knowing that no one has been left out.

Taurus: Beer Pong

Taureans are known for their loyalty and will fight to the death for their teammates in any kind of drinking game. But their steadfastness makes them especially great beer pong partners because their focus will remain completely on the task at hand: to demolish the duo across the table. Just don’t let them get too tipsy because they might actually try to fight their opponent.

Gemini: Drunk Waiter

This action-packed game is ideal for the restless Gemini who can’t stand to be in one corner of the party for too long. If you’re not familiar with Drunk Waiter, players take a shot before spinning around 10 times until they’re completely dizzy. Each player then tries to carry a tray of waters to the finish line without falling. Geminis will love the game’s fast pace and side-splitting visuals.

Cancer: Stump

We don’t recommend playing this dangerous drinking game, but Cancers won’t listen to what we have to say, anyway. They’re emotional people who follow their hearts rather than their heads. So, naturally, they’re drawn to this heart-pounding game, which requires players to hit a nail stuck into a stump with a hammer. The task will help focus their energy so the Cancer (and everyone around the Cancer) will have a good time.

Leo: Thumper

Leos are chatty cats who love listening to the sound of their own voice, so a drinking game where they get to shout is perfect. Everyone sits in a circle and is assigned a catch phrase and a hand signal. When your turn comes, you have to make your hand signal and say your catchphrase, followed by someone else’s catch phrase and hand signal, sending it over to that person. Whoever misses a beat has to drink.

Virgo: Solo Power Hour

Sometimes Virgo just wants to be alone instead of pretending to enjoy mundane conversation and dirty dive bars. A solo drinking game is perfect for this introvert who just wants to unwind after a long day at the office. Grab your favorite beer and enjoy those 60 minutes of solitary bliss.

Libra: Slap Cup

Libras are the best teammates because they’re easy going and love to have a good time. If you introduce them to the high energy game of Slap Cup, it will make their day. This game can get a little intense, so it’s good to have a level-headed Libra on board in case anyone gets too heated.

Scorpio: F*ck You Pyramid

Scorpios rarely shy away from saying exactly what’s on their mind, which can get a little dicey at times. This game allows them to indulge in their openness without being called rude. The game goes like this: Rows of cards are laid out to form a pyramid. As each card is revealed, players with matching cards lay them down and say “f*ck you so and so,” which prompts that person to drink—and relieves some inner aggression.

Sagittarius: King’s Cup

King’s Cup is a great game when you can’t decide on what to play because it has something for everyone. The flirtatious Sagittarius will love that a mini-game of Never Have I Ever makes an appearance every time someone draws a Jack. First person to put down all three fingers takes a drink.

Capricorn: Quarters

Capricorns really don’t care where, how or what they’re drinking, as long as their cup is full and the party is raging. Quarters is perfect because you don’t need much to get started (just cups of booze and some quarters), so your Capricorn drinking buddy will appreciate the quick, no-stress setup.

Aquarius: Medusa

Aquarians are especially restless when they’re drinking. If they want to leave the bar, they will, whether people follow them out or not. A quick game of Medusa will keep the attention of an Aquarius until the end, when he or she finally locks eyes with someone and is eliminated from the game. After that, though, it’s up to you to keep them occupied.

Pisces: Checkers

Pisces love to drink, but they are also quiet and reserved at times. Satisfy their particular personalities with a game of drunk Checkers, which hits a happy medium between raging and chilling out. They can get competitive and sometimes have mood swings depending on how much/what they’re drinking, so get ready to see your Piscean friend’s true colors come out when you shout, “King me!”