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The Best Drinking Gifs to Send Your Coworkers at 5:30

It’s 5:30 p.m. on a work day, do your coworkers know what your plans are? In this digital age where all in-office communication is done via messaging apps, it’s far too cumbersome to verbally tell your coworkers that you would like a drink, please. Gifs are by far the way to go—as  long as you aren’t the one sending tired, overused gifs. We all have the friend who thinks they drink and know things, the one who can’t get over giant glasses of wine and the friend who fills up the glass to the tippy top. But you can do better than that. Here are the best drinking gifs to send your coworkers at the end of the work day.

When it’s three minutes too early but you’re ready now.

We’ve all been there.

When you’ve got to let everyone know you’re prepared.

A true vodka lover is always ready, no matter the occasion.

When a long day is almost over.

Take Jack Donaghy’s example and let everyone know you need some scotch.

When you’re just happy that you’re invited to the happy hour.

Whether you’re new or just perpetually left out, let your coworkers know you’re there and you, too, would like a drink.

When you’ve been sending dog gifs all day and you can’t stop now.

Can never go wrong with a dog gif.

When you’re ready for a drink but don’t want to come off as too pushy.

We can all use a gentle reminder to have fun every now and again.

When you know wine o’clock is the best way to get your coworker out of the office.

Wine lovers where you at.

When you’re always the organizer and it’s time.

Feel free to adjust the applicable hours as necessary.

When you don’t care what you’re getting, you just want something made for you STAT.

Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up fast.

When you might have started a little too early.

It happens to the best of us.

When you want to join your coworkers but you just paid rent.

Help, please.

When it’s not quite time yet, but you need to build anticipation.

Let the countdown begin.

When you’re just looking for a casual office beer.

From a tap, from a bottle, from wherever. Let’s do it.

When there’s an argument about what to do and where to go after work.

Why argue? You know it’s going to be a great time regardless.

Enough said. Get out there.