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Gorgeous Jewelry That Will Show Off Your Love of Booze

Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but most days we feel a stronger connection with Negronis and tequila than with precious gems. Thankfully, we don’t have to choose between jewelry and drinks: Alcohol-inspired jewelry lets us enjoy both at the same time. But we’re not talking about DIY wine cork necklaces—the best boozy jewelry is far more subtle, giving a spirited lift to an outfit without looking gaudy. The next time you’re feeling fancy, pick up one of these 10 pieces of beautiful boozy jewelry and profess your love of drinking with a sparkle.

When your love of vodka is chemical…  

Vodka Molecule Pendant ($13)

For the countdown to happy hour…

Kate Spade Viva la Fiesta Novelty Leather Watch ($195)

Be planet-friendly with upcycled liquor bottle jewelry.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel and Ebony Ring ($225)

Vino lovers can do better than DIY cork necklaces.

Red Wine Necklace ($48)

Let the world know your priorities lie.

Tacos and Tequila Cuff ($28)

These earrings give a new meaning to ‘cocktail party jewelry.’