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The Craziest Hangover Remedies People Swear By

You’ve tried all the usual hangover remedies—a bacon, egg and cheese, Pedialyte, a Bloody Mary, shower beers—but nothing’s working. It’s time to take things to the next level, and that means things are going to get weird. We asked chefs, bartenders, bar and restaurant owners, Thrillist and Supercall staff, and the bartending community of Reddit for their most extreme hangover remedies. Here are 20 of the craziest hangover cures people swear by.

Raw Egg and Hot Sauce in a Beer

"There was a guy in New Haven when I bartended there during college that drank draft Budweiser with hot sauce and a raw egg. I once cut him off after three because it just didn't seem right!" — Meaghan Dorman, Bar Director, Dear Irving/Raines Law Room/The Bennett, New York, NY

Instant Coffee and Coca-Cola (Together)

“Personally, I have had great success with this cocktail at room temperature: no ice, Coca-Cola, and one packet of Via Starbucks instant coffee. It gets really foamy when stirred and takes about 10 minutes to be able to drink, but it always gets rid of the fog." — John Brand, Chef, Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

Animal Videos and Milk Thistle

“I watch a YouTube playlist of videos of dolphins swimming (it's very soothing), pop two Advil, and drink a Naked juice. Works every time. Also, I take a milk thistle before drinking.” — Erin Weaver, Thrillist

Pickle Juice...

“I've been told by a few Russian bartenders that a glass of pickle juice will put you back on track, and they often recommended eating a pickle after every shot of vodka. Never tried it, but they swore by it.” — Bnewfan, Reddit

...With Some Watermelon Juice

“My go-to remedy is a shot of pickle juice in fresh watermelon juice. The combination comes from my personal travels. When trekking through Eastern Europe, it became clear that the traditional hangover cure of choice was pickle juice. Sounded strange and unappealing but honestly, it makes you feel better. Watermelon was introduced to me during a trip to Mexico. After one celebratory night, I was handed fresh watermelon juice. With its natural blend of sugar and hydration, it instantly revived me. Now I simply combine the two and am ready to face the world.” — Robert Kronfli, Co-Owner, Bacari GDL, Glendale, CA

Oyster Bloodies

“I learned this real fun one from a server at Felix's in New Orleans three years ago: Take an oyster, throw it into a cup with a bit of a Bloody Mary, have an extra side shot of chilled vodka and shoot it all. Chase with a big glass of bubbly water. That takes the whole hair of the dog situation to another level.” — Luis Ramos, Bar Manager, Duchess, Oakland, CA

Beef Liver

“In Tokyo, I stumbled upon a really odd yet extremely popular hangover drink which contains liver as its main ingredient. Beef liver, to be precise. The thought process is that using the animal’s organ helps fix the same organ in humans, in this case, the liver. Despite this sounding like a folk remedy, there’s actually been trials showing that it does help improve liver function!" — Eddie Huai, Inventor of Flyby, a hangover prevention supplement

Five Mile Run

“I've found that running at least five miles less than 30 minutes after waking up from a night of drinking will make me want to die, but it will also make me forget about the hangover and make me feel better about stuffing my face with greasy food and the other usual remedies afterward. It will also ramp up your body's endorphin output, which will help you get through the hangover faster. Additionally—and this part is not to be overlooked—bragging rights.” — Eric Vilas-Boas, Thrillist


“A friend of mine would have his girlfriend waterboard him, which he swore would ‘get you going, no matter what.’ If hangovers reduce us to our most basic instincts, a little fight or flight will always get you going.”  — Weekdaysoff, Reddit

The “Sous Chef Salve”

“This is a recipe passed on by other chefs and bartenders. Who knows how old this recipe is and where it originated from? But it’s my go to. Fill a tall Collins glass with ice. Half ginger ale, half light beer. Squeeze half a lime in it and drink up. The secret is, don't put down the glass till it’s empty. Playfully coined: The Sous Chef Salve.” — Ricky Arias, Chef, dinnertable, New York, NY

Steak and Wet Socks

“After I’ve had too much whiskey, I cook myself a large flank steak, pan-fried in salted butter. I eat that, put on a pair of wet socks and go to sleep.” — Omisin, Reddit