10 Best Homer Simpson Quotes About Drinking

Jason O'Brien / Youtube
Jason O'Brien / Youtube

Beyond being widely recognizable as the pleasantly plump, yellow, bald-headed patriarch of the Simpsons family, Homer Simpson is known for his love of donuts, his family, and above all else—his obsession with Duff Beer. Over the course of 28 seasons of The Simpsons, Homer has blessed the world with an abundance of drinking wisdom and paved the way for other beloved drink-loving TV characters like Ron Swanson. So in honor of all that he has taught us, here are Homer Jay Simpson’s top 10 drinking quotes of all time.

On the Difficulties of Life

“Beer. Now there’s a temporary solution.”

On Family Time

“Well, it's 1 a.m. Better go home and spend some quality time with the kids.”

On Responsible Parenting

“Marge, send the kids to the neighbors. I’m coming home loaded.”

On Recognizing Your Own Weaknesses

“Homer no function beer well without.”

On Women

“A woman is like beer. They look good, they smell good, and you’d step over your own mother just to get one."

Pekka Pilkki / Youtube

On Drunk Driving

“I'm in no condition to drive. … Wait! I shouldn’t listen to myself, I'm drunk!”

On Thinking

"All right, brain, I don't like you, and you don't like me—so let's just do this, and I'll get back to killing you with beer."

On Hard Liquor

“Does whisky count as beer?”

On Sobriety

“Now I have to face stupid reality.”

On the Wonders of Booze

“Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”