7 Hotel Minibars So Awesome You’ll Never Want to Leave the Room

Not every minibar is just your typical, overpriced letdown filled with unremarkable mini bottles and even less exciting mixers. Sometimes minibars are tiny little treasure chests of possibilities just waiting to be discovered and opened by you. There are a few jackpots out there filled with craft spirits, local products and bonuses like gorgeous glassware that are so awesome and satisfying, you won’t even want to leave your hotel room. Here, some of the top hotel minibars across the country for cocktails.

Los Angeles, CA

This newly opened hotel within a hotel (located inside the Hotel Normandie) is owned, in part, by David Kaplan, one of the brains behind New York’s legendary Death & Co., so it comes as no surprise that the minibar game is on point. Each of the 10 rooms comes stocked with quality spirits, mixers, fresh citrus fruits and, most importantly, good ice. For guests who want more than just lemons and limes, the hotel will stock the fridge with seasonal ingredients like mint, bitters and fresh juices ahead of time.

New Orleans, LA

One of the Ace Hotel empire’s newest additions to the retro-chic family, the Ace Hotel New Orleans stocks their in-room SMEG fridges (think 1950s style with millennial functionality) with East Imperial Burma Tonic (a sweeter tonic made specifically to pair with more assertive gins), Miro sweet and dry vermouths, manzanilla sherry, a variety of spirits and a set of mini bitters. There’s also Big Easy Bucha, a locally produced kombucha and, of course, Zapp’s potato chips to pair with your happy hour. Every room comes with a cutting board and shaker that are available for sale should you become attached to your hotel room bar set up.  

Virgin Hotel

Chicago, IL

The first U.S. hotel from the Virgin mega-brand, Chicago’s Virgin Hotel features rooms equipped with cocktail-making gear and tiny, red, retro mini fridges stocked with surprisingly affordable bottles. While they are not full-sized, the spirits are larger than the usual minis (some clock in at 375 ml) and cost just $9 each. The selection includes spirits like Bombay Sapphire, Casamigos tequila and Hennessy.


Madison, WI

It’s all about the local liquors at this boutique Madison hotel. The minibars feature Wisconsin spirits like Death’s Door vodka, Yahara Bay rum and even Quince & Apple Tart Cherry Grenadine (along with the usual suspects like Captain Morgan and Johnnie Walker). For guests who want it all, a one-time $100 payment will get you the “Raid the Minibar” deal, which gets you all the booze, mixers and snacks you could ever want.

Wythe Hotel

Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburg’s uber-hip Wythe Hotel features loft-style rooms and hipster-approved minibar setups. There’s local Kings County Distillery whiskey, honey-based Barr Hill gin, Fever Tree mixers and more—including all the tools you need to shake or stir up a cocktail worthy of the NYC skyline views.  

The Little Nell

Aspen, Colorado

Everything in this well-stocked minibar is free—except the booze. But that’s okay, the non-alcoholic offerings are actually the main attraction. Splurge on a spirit like Patron or Bombay Sapphire, then mix or chase it with some free Sipp Ginger Blossom, Fever Tree Tonic or Brain Toniq (a bubbly drink meant to boost brain functionality). Or skip the drinks altogether and stave off altitude sickness with a hit of some canned oxygen.

Iron Horse Hotel

Milwaukee, WI

Iron Horse teamed up with bitters producer Bittercube to create craft mixers for the hotel’s minibars. The elixirs, as the company calls them, come in flavors like Whiskey Sour, Seasonal Gimlet and Blood and Sand. All of the mixers include suggested spirit pairings, but go ahead, mix the Whiskey Sour with tequila—you’re on vacation so go wild.