The 11 Best Liquor Brands to Follow on Instagram

Liquor brands do a lot to earn your loyalty, from improving formulas to making you laugh. While nearly every liquor company has some sort of social media presence these days, some do it better than others, especially when it comes to Instagram. Because any home bartender with a decent camera and serious drink-making skills can produce a quality account, professional brands go above and beyond to stand out by using Instagram to run contests, promote events, share recipes, interact with fans and generally fill your feed with drinks on drinks on drinks. These are our favorite brands to follow.

The Young, Wild and Free: Stoli

Following Stolichnaya is like taking a masterclass in Instagram because they check all the boxes of a good account: Lifestyle shots, check. Seasonal and holiday recipes, check. Giveaways, check. Videos that give us major FOMO, check. Celebrities, double check. Social media plays a critical role in Stoli’s new campaign to attract millennial drinkers, so the brand goes all out posting videos of parties that are curated by producers Cool & Dre, weekly Moscow Mule kit giveaways, and a few quirky personality posts in between.

The Best for Wanderlust: Suntory

Despite all the time and dedication it takes to craft quality Japanese whisky, Suntory manages to get outside—a lot. The brand’s account is filled with pictures of beautiful whisky bottles in the great outdoors, from a serene forest to a winterscape to a relaxing river cruise.

The Celebrity Friends You Wish You Had: Casamigos

George Clooney’s tequila brand populates its IG with plenty of celeb friends. Between the bottles and the famous people, the feed ends up looking like an Oscars after-party gone south of the border. But there are also plenty of odd, artsy shots with the tequila itself, the true star of the account.

The Bilingual Protest: Ilegal Mezcal

Don’t worry about misspelling Ilegal Mezcal’s name—the brand also controls the misspelled “Illegal Mezcal” page to direct followers to the proper Spanish version. The tequila company’s style is generally punk AF, so they use the music-heavy social media account to announce upcoming events and showcase past gigs. But the brand gained most of its followers, and a good deal of notoriety, by taking on Donald Trump with its graffiti-inspired posts and branding declaring “Donald, eres un pendejo.”

The Contest Holder: Remy Martin

While other brands have hosted competitions and giveaways on their Instagram accounts, Remy Martin’s food-based contest may be our favorite. Not only does Remy post mouthwatering pics of refined meals to pair with their fine Cognac, the brand sponsored a follower competition to win a mentorship with Michelin-starred chef Marc Forgione. Rather than take the competition to another platform, Remy kept the whole thing on Instagram by asking followers to post images of meals that would pair well with the liquor.

The Democratic Poster: Pabst

Pabst Blue Ribbon may be infamous as the hipster beer of choice, but we dig the brand’s populist demeanor. PBR has been known to shout-out fans on Instagram by reposting impressive drinking feats and loyal tattoos, and generally indulge its creative side with wonky animations and odd, unsettling aesthetic. Consider this the Insta of the weird drinker.

The Influencer: Gem & Bolt

You won’t find any Millennial Pink on the Gem & Bolt Instagram account. The mezcal producers aren’t concerned with a cutesy lookbook, but their feed is still one of the chicest on Instagram, indicative of their focused branding. Look for graffiti, trippy stop motion videos and alluring neon signs, along with the very present, uber-cool brand founders Adrina Drina and Elliott Bennett Coon.

The Appetite-Inducer: Guinness

Like Remy Martin, Guinness takes the term “Instagram feed” seriously by providing followers with a bevy of food pics and even a few recipes that incorporate the black stuff in glazes and dessert batters. Plenty of outdoorsy lifestyle posts balance the gluttony, inspiring you to work off all those Guinness-infused treats.

The Many, Many Pops of Red: Campari Italia

Grupo Campari has long employed real artists to create the brand’s ads—like the iconic futurist posters of the 1930s—so it should come as no surprise that the Campari Instagram is pretty. Like Campari bottles on a bar, the brand adds quite a few dashes of iconic red to any follower’s feed, along with a bit of seductive Italian style. While there is an American account, we prefer the Italian one for a truly global flavor.

The Funky Haitian Feed: Boukman Rhum

Named for a Haitian revolutionary, Boukman has strong ties to its native island. The rhum’s IG account shows off the distillery itself, Haitian performers, local startups and spirited Carnival celebrators. As the brand celebrates its home, the posts will bring some wild island inspo to yours, plus plenty of great recipes using the funky rhum agricole.

The Educational Imbiber: Victoria Gin

Get your booze pics with a side of knowledge on the Victoria Gin Instagram. The Canadian company posts a series called “Ginformation,” which dispenses historical tidbits in-between cocktails made in every color of the rainbow. Give the brand a follow and wow your gin-drinking compatriots at your next happy hour.

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