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Bartenders Reveal Their Favorite Day Drinks

Day drinking is an art and a science. You have to factor in evening plans, energy-draining sunshine and learn to pace yourself so you don’t get too tipsy, too quickly. There are plenty of low-ABV and hydrating options out there, but there’s also no harm in drinking a full-proof afternoon cocktail if you only plan on having one or two. To get some inspiration, we asked bartenders what their go-to cocktails are during the daylight hours.

“Hands down, I reach for a Daiquiri. It's elegant in its simplicity and with its bright and refreshing nature, this cocktail goes down easy. A proper Daiquiri is good any time of day!” — Jason Seele, The Catamount

“My go-to drink would have to be a Pimm’s Cup. It’s the perfect daytime summer drink for Los Angeles because it’s not too sweet, but still refreshing with seasonal berries and fresh cucumber. Also, it’s not too strong, so I can drink as many as I’d like.” — Akos Orosz, Westbound

“My choice of daytime booze is likely a few glasses of Gruner Veltliner or a spritz. Aperol is fantastic, or sometimes I'll get a little creative at the home bar. I prefer a lower-ABV sipper during the day. There's nothing worse than the dreaded ‘how did I get so drunk’ nap at 5:30 p.m.” — Blake Pope, Kindred

"My daytime drink does vary with the season and even the weather. My number one would probably be a cold local craft beer. My others include a Negroni or a Last Word because I love Chartreuse.” — Chris Lincoln, Alma Nove

"A mezcal variation of a Dirty Martini. Generally, I enjoy a whiskey on the rocks, but during the day I try to keep it a little lighter. The mezcal has so much body with the citrus, so it's a perfect cocktail to have on the patio all summer! Plus the smokiness reminds me of the campfires I am waiting for in the winter” — Heather McKinney, Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

“A Margarita or bubbles.” — Anna Seddon, Linger

“Virgin Piña Colada or a Bloody Mary.” —Marcio Ramos, The Honeywell