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10 Craziest Themed House Parties to Throw

When it comes to quirky themed party ideas, we can all agree that toga parties and ABC parties (Anything But Cups and/or Anything But Clothes) are officially tired out. What were once creative and hilarious ways to bring people together have turned just as basic as a ‘70s disco or luau theme. But don’t fret—the internet (and Reddit users in particular) has far crazier and more original ideas for a house party legend in the making. So rather than making yet another dress out of duct tape, get inspired by one of these 10 ridiculously fun themed house party ideas instead.

Rubik’s Cube Party

To really have fun with this theme, you’ll want to be pretty comfortable around your fellow partygoers—things get personal fast. Everyone is instructed to arrive wearing multiple pieces of solid-colored clothing: red pants, blue shoes, green shirts, yellow socks, and so on. Partiers then have to exchange clothes in order to create an outfit that is one solid color, like a side of a completed Rubik’s Cube. The hilarity ensues when stockier men are trying to squeeze themselves into blue skinny jeans or red crop tops. (You probably won’t want to wear clothing you’re particularly attached to.) Award prizes to the first person to complete the task and to those who create the most embarrassing ensemble by the end of the night.

What Would You Do for a Ticket?

Essentially one giant truth or dare party, with an emphasis on “dare,” attendees receive a set number of tickets—say, 10—that they can use to pay people to do various things throughout the night. The goal is either collecting the most tickets or to thoroughly embarrass your friends. You could, for instance, offer someone three tickets to drink a disgusting concoction of booze, one ticket to answer a humiliating “truth” question, or five tickets to get in an ice cold shower fully clothed. The person with the most tickets by the end of the night wins a prize, whether that be a bottle of booze or, if you’re charging for entry, half the money collected at the door. If you really want to up the ante, replace valueless tickets with real dollar bills—winner takes home the entire pot.

Wisest Wizard

You’ll need to buy lots of cans of cheap beer for this magical themed party, where partygoers compete to be the “wisest wizard” with the tallest staff. Every time you finish a can of beer, you tape it to the top of your staff assembled from finished beers. You can keep it as simple as that, or make things more interesting with increasingly complex rules. For instance, fellow wizards can duel by smashing together their staffs like a sword fight, and whoever’s staff breaks loses. Wizards at higher levels (wielding staffs with more beer cans) can create rules that lesser wizards must obey (kind of like King’s Cup), and wizards who don’t follow those rules must give up one of the cans on their staff if they’re caught. The specifics are up to you, but expect many “you shall not pass” jokes if you’re partying with the right people.

Pizza Delivery Guy Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party can be stressful when you’re trying to keep your friend unaware of the festivities. Instead, enjoy all of the fun of a surprise party without the stress of planning covertly by throwing a surprise party for your delivery guy. Decorate the place in balloons and celebratory signs, make lots of drinks, order a bunch of pizzas, and when the doorbell rings, have everyone jump out from hiding and yell “surprise!” when you open the door for the guest of honor. Make sure to have a cake with candles ready to go for him to blow out. The success of this party may hinge on getting a particularly enthusiastic delivery person, but even if you don’t, you’ll still have pizza, cake and booze.

Goodwill Hunting

The night begins where all good things do—at the thrift shop (whether it be a Goodwill or otherwise). Partygoers are told to stick to a budget, about $10-15, and to find the most ridiculous, Macklemore-inspired “Thrift Shop” get up—faux fur jackets and hot pants are highly encouraged. Then, back at the house, start popping bottles of cheap bubbly and embodying the baller on a budget lifestyle, obnoxiously insulting everyone else’s outfits for not being as fly as yours.

Drunk Bingo

Create bingo cards prior to your guests arriving with creative tasks such as “win a game of beer pong,” “start a conversation with someone you’ve never met,” “do a pickleback shot,” or “exchange shoes with someone else.” The first person to get a bingo wins a big prize, but you should prepare a bunch of silly smaller prizes (think the type of toys they give out in dentist offices) for the rest of the participants too to keep everyone invested in the game.  

Classy to Trashy

There are a few ways to go about this party, but no matter what, it’s all about mixing low-brow and high-brow. Have people dress in either their classiest black-tie clothes or the trashiest thing they own (the more like Jersey Shore, the better) with no in-between. Offer fine wine pairings with a Taco Bell menu, or take Jägerbombs while enjoying passed canapés. Start the evening with Champagne and faux-fancy accents and monocles, but end it with leopard print cowboy hats, tequila shots and shotgunning beers.

Come as You Were

Instead of choosing a far-off decade like the roaring ‘20s, have a themed party for a specific year from your past. A great go-to is the early aughts, which means lots of UGG boots, halter tops and popped-collar polo shirts. If everyone is around the same age, pick the year everyone was in middle school for maximum awkwardness. You could even have people come in what they were wearing when they received the invite to the party, which would hopefully yield some people in pyjamas, work uniforms or bathrobes.

Dress as Your Drink

This costume party sounds simple and straightforward, but it can lead to some pretty creative, entertaining costumes representing a variety of booze. Every party goer chooses a bottle of alcohol to bring and has to dress up in a costume inspired by the brand or its mascot. You can be a swashbuckling Captain Morgan, a cowboy hat-wearing Jack Daniels, a fancily clad Johnnie Walker or a fire-breathing Fireball dragon. The boozy opportunities are endless.

Seven Deadly Sins

Of all the themed parties, this one should be reserved for a true blow-out extravaganza—it requires the most preparation on the host’s part, a lot of space and plenty of enthusiastic guests. Seven areas of the house are dedicated to different “deadly sin.” You’re welcome to interpret that as you like, but internet proponents have suggested the following: Greed includes gambling activities like poker; gluttony requires plenty of junk food as well as the main bar; pride encompases drinking games where you can compete for bragging rights; sloth has cushy couches, munchies and the goods that typically lead one to crave munchies; wrath takes place in the backyard, where people can compete in physical challenges (jello wrestling anybody?); envy takes place in a closet where only two people are allowed in at a time to enjoy a fancy pour of alcohol together; and, of course, lust is the low-lit dance floor. Can’t decide on just one deadline sin? Move throughout the party to get a taste of all seven.