11 Legendary Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

In 1999, Blink-182 released the song, "All The Small Things." It was, if nothing else, prophetic in its words when it so eloquently stated: "Work sucks, I know."

And you do know, because chances are you have a job that likely blows (except mine, hello to my editors!). That's why some people don't mind burning all the bridges with some truly legendary parting words, videos, video games, and even confectionaries, to show their bosses who's really in charge. Anyway, these 11 ballsy ex-employees took their resignations to new, uncharted, heights.

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11. The "Ice-Ice Bye-Bye"

Vanilla Ice can rest easy knowing that at least one positive thing came out of him ripping off Queen. 

10. The Super Mario farewell

A video game designer, working for developer 2K Australia, quit his job the only way he knew how: with a game, of course. The dude modded a few classic levels of Mario, so whenever that little digital plumber completed a quick level, "I QUIT!" flashed on the screen in dizzying irreverence. Play it yourself, here.

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9. Take me out of this ballgame 

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, there's no chance in hell this announcer will ever be back. 

8. The depressing haiku 

He quit with Haiku
Twitter saw it all happen
Hope he finds something.

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7. This d*ckhead strikes back

While this guy starts off with pleasantries in an iconic Star Wars crawling intro vid, he quickly changes his tune by listing all the co-workers he wanted to have sex with, topping it all off with a quick nudie at the end. 

6. The fake-out-osaurus 

In my experience, a simple dinosaur drawing always diffuses the tension. 

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5. The classic "F*ck it, I quit to go into weed."

If you are going to quit your job as a live news anchor to get into bud ventures, you can't do it better than this reporter famously did. Shame on her dirty camping mouth, though. 

4. The real cake boss

Make your peace, then eat it, too. 

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3. March your way out, with a band

"This one time, at band camp, I told my boss to f*ck off."

2. The vitriolic novel

Ernest Hemingway: notable author, prominent badass, and coiner of the word "dirty camping mouth," easily got out of an unwanted contract with a man named Horace...by writing a novel that was practically unpublishable, featuring sordid tales of men having dirty sexual relations with Native Americans, doing hallucinogens, and pretending to be the President of Mexico. His contract was terminated, and we got For Whom the Bell Tolls. It's a win for everyone. Well...except Horace. 

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1. The mid-air don't care

This guy gets this article. I mean, he really gets it.

Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Supercompressor. If he had to quit his job, he'd do it with stoic dignity. Maybe with feces. Maybe. Follow him @WilFulton.