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Our 21 Favorite Crazy Corkscrews

Courtesy of Amazon / IYOUWEBUY

After running out to the liquor store, spending way too much time picking the perfect bottle, concocting the ideal food pairing and breaking out your fanciest glasses, why would you pop your bottle with a boring, old, junky corkscrew? Throw away that half-broken freebee you scored back in college and upgrade to something with a bit more personality. Here, 21 crazy eye-catching corkscrews.

 Anthropomorphic Openers

Pirate Bottle Opener ($10)

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto (for the Wine)

Fred Robottle Vintage Robot Corkscrew ($12)

Openers That Belong in the Animal Kingdom

Brass Knuckles Corkscrew ($17)

Fancy Pants Openers

BOJ Wall Mounted Corkscrew ($250)

This Opener Will Help You Get Pickled

Fred Pickled Corkscrew ($12)

Openers with TV Tie-ins

Star Trek Corkscrew Klingon Bird of Prey ($65)

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